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We use 1.5 34lb bags of WBCL a month, I would need to know more on how it gets rid of stuff (bacteria, pee etc) before thinking about trying it, scooping poopies out is normal, but the rest I would have to know.... does the pee drain like someone mentioned above or does it 'wash the litter' etc
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Are you referring to something like this?


I've been using this product for about 18 months now and with 11 cats using my litter boxes, I'm saving over $1000 per year over scoopable.
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I would if it weren't expensive. I have one cat and spend very little on litter already.
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I'd have to say I'm intrigued but a little skeptical. I would be really leery of anything that doesn't fully absorb the urine since my experience is that even a small pool of urine can cause a horrible ammonia smell in just a few hours.

But I'll try anything once. I say bring it on!
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I'd try it if it was cheap. Sounds interesting!
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Cat's are very clean animals, and i don't think i'd let my girls use reuse the same litter every day for a year....i wouldn't want to so i definitely wouldn't make them. Not to mention the stentch and potential germ/ illness problems it could result in...no, i don't think i'd do that.
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There is already one store in VA where I have seen reusable litter. I questioned it but never bought it (I believe it was rather expensive.)

I personally would not try such a litter unless it was used and proven to be 100% perfected for it's use, safe for the cat, and fully sanitary once "cleaned."
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First of all I saw ALOT of people say they didn't spend very much on litter.
How is that? I spend an outrageous amount (in my mind) on litter LOL
Each bucket is like 11 dollars, I have 5 cats so I have 5 litterboxes that I scoop daily.
Trust me I wouldnt scoop if I didnt have to. I find the non scoop kind that people just throw away after a few days to be very very unclean, I mean who wants to walk around in pee and poop to use the bathroom right?
I also have 2 Littermates sitting out in my garage, with 5 cats they cant keep up and I could stand the grossness of the rake always getting stuck or smashed in the poo if a cat didnt cover it up, god I got sick of washing that rake and reassembling.
Ive tried Scoopable Feline Pine and while it works great and my cats done mind it, I dont like it tracked all over the house and since I have 2 Snowshoes it turns their pretty little white shoes to yellow UGH.
I honestly cannot find a litter or litter set up that I am happy with. Since our litter boxes are in the utility (laundry) room that is off of the den we just kind of live (literally) with the smell, and while my cats are as dear as my children I do get SICK of the smell and you NEVER get used to it, or I haven't.
If this is like the washable set up no I wouldnt use it, it has terrible reviews and the company is already out of business, but if you want a good laugh you might want to read this review, I almost peed myself laughing LOL
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