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Would you buy this cat litter?

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Here's the scoop (pun intended.) I'm new to the site and have 3 furbabies. Of course they actually own me lol. I have had cats for years and have been contemplating about this for some time now. I have come up with an idea for a new cat litter. I'm in the process of testing it and am talking to someone about actually patenting it soon. The idea is a reuseable litter. It's non clumping and the poo would have to be scooped. I am guessing the initial cost would be about $40.00 to get set up and possibly about $10.00/$20.00 a year. Of course the pricing would vary depending on the amount of cats. There are no toxic chemicals or anything involved.

I know I spend somewhere around $120.00 a year on litter now. I was thinking it would be a money saver in the long run. I know if all goes well it could save us hundreds if not thousands in the long run. I'm afraid of saying to much since I am still waiting to find out on some patent info.

I am just curious on what some of your thoughts are on this and if you thought you would actually buy something like this for your fur babies. So far the mock up and testing with my fur kids is going well.

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A reusable litter am not sure... I never scoop my box I change the whole thing every 2 day at the most... I spend 30 a month in litter but my girl ahs to have a clean bum I am not sure I would buy it sorry... I hope it didnt hurt your feelings...
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basically I don't think I would buy reusable litter. I would first have to know a litter more about it however, so don't let me get you down.

the reason is bacteria, ammonia, germs, any unseen or unknown parasites or disease. how will this litter take care of that?

my first thought of reusable litter is something like Feline Pine, not really reusable but it lasts a really long time. I mean please tell me more about your idea if you can. How is it reusable? What happens to the urine? Is there something that has to be replaced or washed or do you eventualy have to throw it out and replace it? I wouldn't want all that urine hanging around.

And how would it fight the odors?
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No you didn't hurt my feelings at all. I am asking for all opinions and feedback. I do understand your concern about keeping the litter clean and I do have a plan for that as well. I am a a nut when it comes to keeping litter clean too so I can totally relate.
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Good I just was not sure I was able to reply but I felt you wanted to know so I wanted to be honest...
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The litter would be totally reusable unlike any that is on the market that I have seen. I am currently using the set up for about a month and haven't had any odor problems and yes the urine is removable as well. It's a fairly easy set up. All I am doing is scooping and easily removing the urine daily. I've also got the bacteria/germs/nasites problem taken care of as well. The only actual replacing of litter would be a very small amount that is stuck to the poo when it's scooped. You may need to add a cup full every two weeks or so depending on the amount of cats you have.

I can't really go too much more into it than what I have. I can say that I have thought about all my personal concerns when it comes to keeping my boxes clean and believe I have everything covered.
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I want you all to be honest since this would be something to help us all out. I'm more or less wanting to do this because of the benefits that it can bring to all us with fur kids. I'm want to know that if I go through with this that I have been able to help all of us for as little money as possible to bring the most cost effective and safest product for the cats we all love so much.

I don't want some person who is all about mone to pick up the idea and charge us out the wazoo for something that can be produced for such a small amount of money. I'm actually guestimating on the actual price. It could possibly be much lower. I'm not sure yet on that. I am working on that part still.

I certainly appeciate your honesty regarding this. I would much rather hear truthful responses questioning the idea than someone who is going be all ready to go out and buy it without asking questions. There are always doubts when new products come on the market. This is really no different.

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Kristy thank you...
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If it worked and was as hygenic as my current litter I would probably check it out, I have 7 cats so we go through lots of litter.
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So missy how much do ya go through lol I will have to find out....
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My first question would be if I have to wash something, because if I do I'm not using it. That would be kind of skeezy to me and also I wouldn't trust myself to wash it thoroughly enough. That's probably not even what it is, but. I don't know how I feel about it, in general. I think I'm a disposable-when-it-comes-to-body-fluids kind of person in general.

Who knows, maybe your product will change my mind.

I don't spend much money on litter though. Not sure why. I've spent maybe 25$ in seven months. (I buy right now those 28-lb buckets of Fresh Step).

If you could convince me of the environmental impact I'd be saving I'd be more apt to consider it, having just typed the above and realized that that's nearly 90 lbs of cat litter in plastic bags in the landfill for one cat and not even a year... YIKES!
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom
My first question would be if I have to wash something, because if I do I'm not using it
That's a good point, no way I would do that.

Momof3, I use around 150lbs a month
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Originally Posted by missymotus
That's a good point, no way I would do that.

Momof3, I use around 150lbs a month
Ok thank you I have to know I am thinking
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Momof3rugratz, You are very welcome.

missymotus, I probably go through that much litter with 3 cats. I change my boxes weekly and use a full large bag (25lbs or something like that) of clay litter each change. With the test box I have not done any complete changes just the scooping and urine removal.

Zissou'sMom, I'm not so much worried about the enviromental impact this will have since most if not all cat litters are biodegradable anyways. I would be more worried about the plastic being put into the landfills. I have noticed that there are more plastic bags that are biodegradable though so that does help.

The issue with washing can be a problem since the litter would have to be non pourous.(sp) The only thing I can think of being pretty much completely non pourous would be glass. I can't see using any kind of glass as cat litter.

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It's a difficult question to answer without more knowledge but yes I think it's interesting.

I'm assuming the litter pan would still have to be washed on a regular basis or would it not?
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Have you done much research on this subject? I can recall seeing reusuable cat litters advertised over the past decade or so, so your idea really isn't revolutionary. Just a quick Google search turns up a few links: http://sucheaol.aol.de/suche/web/sea...20cat%20litter
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I would probably try it but it sounds a lot like the litter that I already use which I find really good. Is this the sort of thing you are talking about?

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I have done quite a bit of research on this and so far I haven't found anything exactly like it. Even with most if not all of the reueable litters that are available they eventually have to be replaced. This does not ever have to be replaced at all. The set up makes it very simple to clean the pan and keep poo and urine removed.

I did find an idea for plastic cat litter that was washable. However we all know that plastic will hold odors so it really wouldn't work too well. It would eventually have to be replaced unless you want smell the plastic.

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Originally Posted by missymotus
Momof3, I use around 150lbs a month
That should have read 150kg, so over 300lbs.
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I am lucky with only the one cat the litter that I use lasts a month at a time. It is much better than when I used disposable litter but I would be interested to see what you come up with
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Originally Posted by missymotus
That should have read 150kg, so over 300lbs.
I figured that out
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I am definately curious... I am not sure about never changing a box and I dont spend much on litter since I use chn feed
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I'd try it. I try everything.

Untill I find the right of everything. Come to think...I still havent found my right kind of dishsoap.
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I'd probably want to read more info on it before giving it a go, but would no doubt try it. Right now I use chicken feed and I like that it's environment friendly as well as cheap since I have a total of 8 litter boxes I clean every day or two. (6 in my house and 2 in MIL's)

I'm always looking for easier/cheaper!
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Maybe I'm imagining this wrong, but your proposed product sounds a lot like something I've seen at PetCo and on the Internet. I can't remember the name of it and I believe that it has been discontinued.

Anyway, it was basically a kind of litter that was "washable" and after your feline friend leaves the litterbox, water would swooosh in and rinse it clean! Sounded really exciting, but it was on the pricey side. Plus, I think you had to hook it up to a washer/dryer unit to get water access.

Currently I use clay litter which costs be $2 a week. Hard for me to make the switch to anything else right now. Good luck, though!
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Oooooh, here we go. Found the link to what I was talking about.

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I have seen ads for somethign simalar...you would rinse the litter-it was like some gravel stuff. it MIGHT have been called sweet pea...I know it was in cat fancy around mid to late 90's. the pee would drain into some pan underneath that allowed it to drain-Think it had dome special absorbing pad underneath. I personally woudlnt buy it just cause with 22 cats I really couldnt see taht working in my house. Maybe if i had 1 or 2 cats. RJ
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If it was hygenic and more cost effective I would probably try it. I have ten cats and kittens right now and I am spending a lot of money on litter. I'm obsessive about cleaning the litter box which is probably why I go through so much, but that's not a bad thing right?

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Originally Posted by missymotus
If it worked and was as hygenic as my current litter I would probably check it out, I have 7 cats so we go through lots of litter.

I know the feeling I have 8 I don't even wanna know what I actually spend, plus I have the litter lockers and they have to have refills, but to me they are really worth it.
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Oh I figure I use around 6x 38 pounds a month =about 228lbs depending if the containers weigh that everytime
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