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Ken's work of art!!

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Ken has spent the last few weeks designing a computer case for me! I am very excited about it, he did an awsome job!!!
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Another pic
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Last pic
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Wow, that is so cool! And you don't have to worry about it overheating...plenty of ventilation!

Way to go Ken!
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I see a new marketing venue on the horizon there Sandie, that is pretty cool ken! Good job!
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Thank you!!!...

But it's actualy a window, with a neon glowstring around it, so once I frost the glass with our Cattery Name, it will glow really bright. In the inside is a 9 inch purple neon tube to cast light in the inside. The case was orinally white, so I painted it in a 2 tone purple (cuz thats her favorite color) along with all the drive faceplates and such...

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Ken!! You rock!! I've been waiting for ages to see a pic of this! You did an awesome job

Hey, where've you guys been? I haven't seen you on AIM lately- miss chatting with you :rainbow:
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I was just goona ask where you've been, I haven't seen you post alot....

Thank you Mel!

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I agree, Ken did an AWSOME job!! He's such a wonderful hubby
I have been on the cape since Friday and just got home this afternoon so I will be catching up this week
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Very cool indeed! Now you'll never get her off the computer!
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It's great to be talented! You made a great choice, Sandie!
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That is so cool!
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Originally posted by Deb25
Very cool indeed! Now you'll never get her off the computer!
Yeah, Deb...

Like I could ever get her off before...

I thought about you the other weekend as we were driving through Jersey....

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Actually, I'll be up there in July for a weekend. My mother wants to go on some sort of pilgrimage to her father's old police precinct in NYC. She has been going on about it since 9/11. Although the cleanup is done, I want to go to Ground Zero.
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WOW! That is sooooooooo cool!
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An amazing job Ken. Wow Sandie - were did you find a guy who loves cats and has such amazing talents. LOL
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Wow! Thats so cool. Hubby did something like that to his computer too. He painted the case blue and he has some clear plastic on one side of the case with a neon blue light in it too. It looks pretty neat. I love how you did the cat design.
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Wow! that is incredible!
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That's awesome! I think we need a little smilie that claps his hands
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Thumbs up here!

Great job!
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That is just awesome!!! I LOVE it!! You should market them, I'll bet they would sell really well!!!!! What a talented guy!!! Thanks for showing it to us, Sandie!
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