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It's raining Robins.........

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OMG the crows are invading the robin's nest in the green belt behind us and dropping the the babies into our yard. This went on for about an hour and the parents are still back their screaming. We cant find the nests as the brush is too thick. One of the babys has died as a result of Niki doghandling it. It was the first and largest victim of the three. I now have the two little ones in a box inside and if they survive the night I will be taking them to PAWS in the morning, I already called them. Please everyone send vibes that these little ones make it. I feel so god darned helpless.
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leah, this happened with us last week. I think the weather might have something to do with it, but with us it was crows raiding the starlings nest. My only outside cat had a field day before I was able to get out there and intervene. None of the babies survived, I hope yours do
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I also have the starlings falling fromt he nest... I think the wind is blowing the nests dowm. My mom took it to the bird rescue place after feeding it warms all night...
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OMG, I've never heard of this before. That sounds absolutely awful! Poor baby birds.
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Poor 'lil things-I hope they make it all night, and get to PAWS!
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I've been up most of the night monitoring the little birdies and they are still alive. Yay! We'll be heading to PAWS in a couple of hours. I feel so bad for the parents though.
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Wow well done for keeping them alive! I've heard that's very hard to look after baby birds.
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I'm so glad they are still alive. We had a baby bird fall out of its nest last summer, and we tried to keep it alive by feeding it worms and it ended up dying because one day my sister was late for work and didn't have time to feed it...Aw, so sad
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Let us know what paws has to say please... ALso get some rest...
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that they make it!
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They're safe at PAWS now. They seemed to be in good condition upon arrival. When they are old enough to be released PAWS will bring them back here. How cool is that. I'll have my babies back.
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