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The circus

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Just wondered if any of you ever attend the circus when it comes to town. We had one in town today and I took the kids, but I honestly felt sick to my stomach because I always hear of horror stories about how the animals get treated!? I hate to think that I contributed to some form of animal cruelty-what do you all think? I mean the kids enjoyed it and dont knwo any better, but.....it was still in my mind. And they all carry those big ole' long whips and thats really scary. Am I alone here on feeling like this?
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As a rule, I never attend the circus...for that reason.
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If you knew how they treated their animals ,why did you go in the frist place?
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You can't generalize every circus, but the last time I went to the circus was when I was like 6 or 7.

I will not take my son to the circus because I'd rather be safe than sorry and I want to teach my son ethics about animal treatment and rights.

(P.S. not that you don't want to either.)
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