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OMG Is this ringworm on my leg????

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This thing has been on my upper calf-- just Zissou height-- for a while. My dad and sister get dry patched that look just like this pretty regularly, and so have I since I was little, but I've been putting lotion on this thing and exfoliating it and it isn't going away.

Zissou has absolutely no symptoms of ringworm. But I think I do. It didn't used to itch very much but now it does. When it first appeared it was all patchy in the middle but had more of a pronouncededly red raised area around it.

If it is ringworm, what should I do? Do I need to take Zissou to the vet even though there's no sign of it on her at all?

Here are some pictures of my leg--
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looks like ringworm your dr can prescribe some anti fungle cream it spreads easily so try not to itch scratch it as little as possible. u might not have gotten it from your cat since it spreads easily from person to person so i wouuld just keep watching for any signs
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Sure looks like it. I would get to the dr first thing to get some med. to put on it.
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You should see a doctor. Disclaimer out of way.... But I'm not sure it is ringworm. My idea was that ringworm had normal-looking skin in the center like this (see picture at bottom). Is there swelling in the middle it? something that might look like a bite?
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Well, it's been there for weeks. Also, I think there's another patch coming in a few inches below it that has started out textbook-style ringworm, felt like a small blister or something, and is now flat and sort of grown a few mm.

I called the nurseline at the health center (I'm a college student) and they said it sounded like ringworm based on my description and to go to the pharmacy and get some otc anti-fungal cream and rub it on there everyday until a week after its totally dissapeared. I'm keeping a bandaid on it for now until I can go get the stuff, and then she said it wouldn't be contagious after two days of treatment. When I first got it my roommate said it looked like ringworm and that there was no way it was just dry skin...should have listened to him them.

Any experience with this who can recommend a good otc? She mentioned Lotrimin, Monistat Derm (ewww...), and mico-something-zol?
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The standard treatment is over-the-counter clotrimazole (brand name Lotrimin or Mycelex). So anything with clotrimazole.
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I guess my next question is: do I need to take Zissou to the vet or just examine her very closely for awhile and make sure she continues to have no signs of it?

Oh, and Thank You!
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It looks like ringworm to me I treated mine with Lotrimin cream for like 10 days.
You might not have got it from your cat-how long have you had Zissou??
When I got Bakker from a rescue home and took him to the vet within a week after getting him my vet checked for ringworm as we probably got it 3-4 weeks after I got Bakker.
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YES it looks like its a ringworm. We had a breakout here not to long ago and my DH had it on his face and arms, me on my legs and arms and back, the cats had it all over! IT spreads rather quickly because of the spores, just use the athlete's foot cream on it, the strongest you can find. What we did is we would rub it on and place a bandaid over it to help keep it from spreading, change it 2-3 times a day untill its gone.

Ringworms look different and spread differently depending on whatkind you have. Be carefull around kitty! you might now bw able to tell if kitty has any unless you look with a black light. If it glows then its a ringworm. Cheeto glowed like a christmas tree when we got him! it was crazy...... and it took us months to get rid of it, but with the black light we were able to see the progress. You deffinately should take the kittyy to the vet so he can get looked at. We were prescribed lyme baths and antifungal shampoo but you have to follow it by the letter so they will go away.

Good Luck!!
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Yes that is ringworm sorry.... Get athletes foot meds for it and the spray the cheap stuff at Wal-Mart work great... The spray is for the itchy times
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Ewwwwwww... it's so heeby-jeeby.
I have a blacklight... is it just a regular black light or is it a special kind? Should I give her a regular old bath? Am I going to have to trim her fur if she does?

I've had Zissou since she was 2 1/2 months, and she's nine months old now. So awhile. I don't think I got it from her now, I think it's probably from who knows where, the bus, the rec center, the pool, a frat party

I'm glad it's not on my face! I'd be back home at my dermatologist begging for the nuclear weaponry type treatment!

I will follow that advice about the bandaids covering it, especially since so far Zissou doesn't seem to have it and I don't want her to get it!

Thank you all for your advice, I will be at CVS tommorow looking at the products, esp for that spray stuff (walmarts far away here).

I feel like a leper.
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I hear pools can carry it.. Rec and exercisxe center... Sorry
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Since you said you are a college best bet would be you got it from someone or something around campus. You probably aren't in a dorm since you have a kitty, but I have been in my boyfriend's dorm and it gets pretty gross!!
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Yea, you probably came into contact with someone else who has it.

I had ringworm when I was a little kid. It was on the top of my head, on the crown area and it took 2 years to get rid of it because all four of us kids got it and kept giving it to eachother. It was pretty gross.

I hope you find out what you got it from and that it gets better soon.
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I had it a few years ago on the back of my hand. We had just been on holiday to Andros, i think i stroked one to many kitties there

I believe the vets use an ultra-violet lamp to check out animals. If it glows then its ringworm.

It may not have come from Zissou, but it would be a good idea to get him checked out. Particularly as it is 'leg rub' height for him.
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Good luck with the treatment!

I would also say to get Zissou check out as well. Luna had them when I first got her. I had to give her a liquid Rx for about a week and clean out her litter practically every time she went.
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Years ago I started getting leasions just like that and yes, they lasted for weeks. Doctors couldn't figure it out until I had a blood test for Lupus. It was positive. Get checked for it just in case.
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom
Ewwwwwww... it's so heeby-jeeby.
I have a blacklight... is it just a regular black light or is it a special kind?
Ringworm only shows up with a blacklight about 50% of the time. If you don't see anything with it, you can't rule it out, but if you do see something, you know she has it.

You aren't a leper - this happens all the time!!
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Originally Posted by katachtig
The standard treatment is over-the-counter clotrimazole (brand name Lotrimin or Mycelex). So anything with clotrimazole.
Yah thats what my doctor told me. I think it was some kind of athlete's foot medication. It works and very fast.
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Yes, that's ringworm! An OTC cream containing 1% clotrimazole will kill the fungus (you can get it at any drugstore). You need to apply it at least twice a day and keep it covered with a band-aid (this is very important). Ringworm can last from 2 weeks to 2 months, so be patient and diligent about applying the cream (the more times applied, the better). You can tell it's healing when the redness starts to reduce.
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Just something to be on the lookout for.... About a year ago I got a spot identical to that on my arm. I assumed it was ringworm and showed it to the pharmacist who agreed and suggested I apply Lotrimin (sp?) to it. I did that, but a little over a week later the ring had not cleared up and I broke out with small little rings all over my torso. It was worse than chicken pox. Turns out I had a virus called Pityriasis Rosea. There was no treatment for it, and it took a few weeks to clear up. I just wanted to mention it just in case. The initial ring looks just like yours and then it takes approx. 10 days for the rash to appear.
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Your vet can pull a few hairs from your kitty and then get them tested for ringworm. Hopefully the cat doesn't have it too!!
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