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Breeding Cats

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Okay, I'm looking into Breeding Savannahs. I'm not looking to do it anytime soon, I want to learn as much as I possibly can before even attempting. If I do find myself in this, I do know I'm only breeding twice, maybe three times If I'm positive I can get homes. More than lkely twice in the cats life time.

So, any advice for me?
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A breeding Savannah could run you $3000+. Why would you only want to breed a couple times?
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Yes, I think you have a misconception on what repsonsible breeding is. Some breeders only breed with a cat once for various reasons, but I wouldn't suggest that for such an expensive breed. If you breed Toby and Tanya, you will get one set of kittens, but if you breed Tanya with Maxwell and Toby with Jenny, you will get entirely different kittens - sometimes better sometimes worse. And with a breed that is just starting out, I would think you'd want to try as many different paring as ethically possible to see what makes the best looking Savannah.

I would find a local breeder to shadow for a while, see what it's all about and if it's for you. You might spend time with a breeder and decide you don't like the personality of the Savannah. It would also be wise to visit cat shows and make sure that Savannahs are the only cat you are interested in. It's best to match your personality to the cat you breed as much as possible.
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I have talked to breeders around her, who breed different breeds of cats. They usually only breed their females no more then 4 times, because she can't always sell the cats she breeds.

I may find someone who breeds Savannahs, and shadow them.

Though, what I have read of them, they interest me. Like I said though, it'll be years from now even if I attempt at this.
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Finding homes can always be an issue for anyone. I would think that the better solution is not to breed more than you can afford to live with for as long as it takes rather than giving a specific number of times to breed each cat. If I have a litter of 5 kittens, it's fairly easy to keep each one until the perfect homes come along, but if I have 3 litters that each have 5 kittens, and they aren't all adopted by 6 months of age - and then I have more litters coming, then I would probably feel a lot more pressed to get them out of the house ASAP. That would also lead to some irresponsible placements I'm sure.

I'm not accusing Savannah people of doing that, but I've seen a few local dog breeders that work that way. Each dog has to produce a certain number of pups before they can retire - and the quicker the better to them. I don't know a lot about how Savannah, or any other new breed people go about things, so there might be some logical reasoning to it that I don't comprehend.
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