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Hi...I'm New

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I am new....and don't know what the heck I am doing...but will eventually get the hang of it, I hope.

Is this a fun place?
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Hi Too!

Well, you have gotten your first post on the board, so I'd say you're off to a good start! Have a look around. Plenty will stop by to tell you that our site is fun and pretty addicting. Welcome!
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Am I allowed to say why I am on this Board....and what happened on the last one...to be sure I can stay here?
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Guess it's okay.

I have been on another Board for almost a year. Somebody that did not own a cat, posted about a stray cat who was spraying all over her property. Of course, I assumed it was a male, probably not neutered.

Someone else posted and told the person to call the Humane Society and they would take the "stray" away. I objected and said...No, No....first check around and see if the cat has an owner....that maybe is not taking good care of it.

Well....I got blasted for saying..."Please don't send this cat to its death because it is only doing what is natural".

That's it.....had people really mad at me for saying "send it to its death".....but I have seen it happen....especially since it was an older cat and apparently not friendly....chances of getting a "new home" not good.

Okay...I got it all out of my system. So..here I am....and I promise I will keep my opinions to myself!!!

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I havent been here long myself but have found evetyone to be really friendly and have great advice. Welcome aboard
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Looking forward to all of this.
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I don't see anything wrong with what you said. If that cat was someone's pet, that person would have been thrilled to get it back. If it was proving to be a nuisance to the neighbor, then you give the owner a chance to correct the situation.
Everyone here is an animal lover. We don't always agree with one another, but hopefully we are respectful in presenting our points of view. I loved philosophy class in college, because we tried to arrive at the truth in a respectful and thought provoking manner. There's no point in being insulting; it just drives people away. Welcome to the CatSite. I think you'll find that it's a lot of fun. (I can't leave it alone!)
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Hey Too....(another Deb I see :tounge2: )

In general, the forums are a pretty friendly place. Sometimes we do get into some heated discussions, but for the most part, people respect others' right to express their opinions. If you feel you are being treated badly, don't hesitate to report a post to a moderator. That's what we are here for: to keep the place friendly for all. Happy posting!
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Welcome Toomany! Don't worry about defending cats on this site - that is what we do also! I hope to see you posting often, both about cats and other things too!
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Welcome to the site! This is a very friendly place and lots of fun! Completely addicting.

From what you said about the other board you posted on, I think many people here would have said the same thing. Most of us don't mince words here and call it like we see it. Sometimes there are pretty heated discussions, as many of us are very opinionated , but I have seen us discuss even politics and religion and keep it polite. Everyone is free to speak their opinion, even if it isn't popular.

I hope you decide to stick around. IMO this is the best group of people around!
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Welcome to TCS! Your more than welcome to say anything you like here. We are a bunch of friendly people here and I'm sure you'll fit right in.
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Thank you everyone....I already feel at home.

My next step is to figure out how to reduce the size of my pictures....so you can meet some of my babies (17).

I may have a problem because I have all my pictues on JPEG...saved in my C file under "My Pictures"

Since I have a new scanner, I still have to figure out how to save them on that program...I guess...I don't know.

All I know is that I can't reduce the size of the picture while it is in my C file....and...I don't understand why my pictures are too big to be posted....when they really are not that big.

But...no big problem....the most important part is that I think I have really found some friends....

Looking forward to being with you.

On my way now...to my old Board to tell them I will no longer be posting....it is almost a relief to know I can say "I don't declaw my cats", without someone saying that I said I "disagreed" with declawing...got my drift?

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One more question...do you guys have a chat room?

Deb (Toomany)
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No chat room that I know of. There's a few of us who hang out on here almost all day, so it's almost like a chat! As for me, I have a really slow job (most days) as a receptionist, so I am around a lot.

Since you brought up declawing...no worries about being slammed for not declawing your babies. That's probably the one subject someone is likely to get flamed for. A lot of us are pretty rabid about that subject (obviously against declawing), and try to educate anyone coming in asking about it what it really is. Sometimes we come across too strong on that one.

I'm glad you decided to stay. So tell us more about your 17 kitties. We would love to hear about every one of them.

(Oh, and don't worry about us thinking you have too many, either...Although most of us only have one to two, there are plenty with 5, 6, 12, etc. I think the most one of our members has is 54, she does rescue work with strays and ferals.)
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