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Hidden Kittens

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I have a mother cat who recently (about a month ago) had a litter of 7 kittens. She began raising them in the Honeysuckle bush she had been raised in. BUT... a couple of weeks ago she decided to bring only 3 under the porch around my other cats. I am afraid she got rid of the other 4. I have looked around and listened in the bush, but with no luck. Why would a cat do this? Is there anything I can do to help?
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Unfortunately, since we have a few Toms in the neighborhood, what you said about the Toms is probably true. There is one Tom who probably impregnates all the women cats in our neighborhood, and it shows in the looks of their kittens! Hopefully I will be able to find the other kittens before they are harmed! Thanks 4 the advice. I will keep you posted!
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Any chance you could trap this mom and her remaining kitties? This way, mom could be spayed.......
I hope that you find the other kits soon.
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It would be great to get Mommy spayed, but that Tom is able to impregnate a different female every day. Of course all of that takes money. If only neighbors would get together and help pay a reasonable rate. There is usually an organization which offers reasonable spaying and neutering.
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I love Jeanie's idea of getting the neighborhood together and neutering those Toms ... the benefits are many, and the cost for neutering a male is normally lower than for a female. I can just see your community getting together and working towards this very important goal. It would be a great Summer project for the kids since school is almost out. Have them make it their "What I Did This Summer" report, and take pictures, explain the process ... oh forgive me, I do ramble on so when I get excited. *grin*

As a suggestion, maybe you could call your local ASPCA or Shelter and ask if there is a low-cost spay/neuter clinic anywhere in your area. Additionally, it might not also hurt to speak frankly with your own vet, tell him/her the circumstances, and ask if he/she would be willing to discount the fee a bit. My guess is that your vet would be happy to help. So would I. If you have any questions, or I can provide you with any other assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Regarding the missing kittens, is there any update? Have you found them yet? I just hate to think of the possibilities, and the thought of them needing their mommy concerns me.

Best of luck and please let us know how you are getting along,

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Still no sign of kitties! I am still looking and listening tho! Also another bit of good news... WE are getting appointment next month to get all of my mom kittens fixed. Yeah!! As much as I love kittens, they add up!! Anyway, I will have to talk to the ohter cat owners in my neighborhood about fixing the Tom, but he is a hard to find little sucker!! We're lucky to ever see him! Thanks for the advice!
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You mentioned that you hardly see the tom cat. I guess that means he is a stray. We caught a couple toms in our neighborhood by putting some food in a trap and then we wisked them off to our vet which does by the way give us discounts on everything (we get them what we call "the works")I realize that its hard work but it is worth it! I thought the idea in the other post was greatabout making it a summer project with the kids. It would teach them so much. Good luck!
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Congratulations on making that GREAT decision to spay your females! You are adding to their quality of life!
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First the good news... I have found the three kittens once more, and they have been there for a while now. I am guessing this means that the mom doesn't feel threatened anymore!! Yeah!!

Bad news... after a month, I still have not seen the remaining 4 kittens. I am giving up the search... I think that another cat got ahold of them. Or maybe their own mother. It is her first litter, maybe it was too large for her to handle!!
Thanks 4 the ideas!
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How are the remaining kittens looking?
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They are looking very good. They all hide underneath the push mower. How Cute!!
Thanks for the help!
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