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Daily Thread 05/28/06

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Good Sunday morning everyone!

Hope your weekend is going great so far.

The sun is shining here this morning and it's supposed to be a lovely 77 degrees here this afternoon

I'm just sitting by the patio door relaxing with a cup of tea right now. Jeff is going to be home in the early afternoon and were going to run a few errands (that is if he is feeling well enough...it was boy's night out last night )

I was able to get quite a bit of my balcony gardening done yesterday but I might pick away at it some more today, nothing too terribly exciting.

What are your plans for today?
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It sounds like you are having a nice morning, Tracy

Today we have two parties - a 2nd birthday party, and a Confirmation party. I still need to buy a card and gift for one of them I'm not usually like this. It is supposed to be in the mid-80's here today. I would like to get a little more yard work done, but I doubt that is going to happen at this point. Have a great Sunday everyone!
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Good morning!

Nothing terribly exciting around here either. I have to finish my Spanish homework and do some cleaning in my appartment.

Todays should be a nice warm summer day. It's supposed to get up to 27C this afternoon. So I'll try to do my homework outside.

That's about it. Time to get breakfast now.
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OMG it is Sunday isnt it LOL.... I forgot what day is was

Well I passed out last night from lack of sleep so I think I will figure out how to get a good breakfast and a nap...and maybe hmmmm nothing else my cast wont allow it LOL
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This morning I just can't seem to get started, and I'm already at work, so that's not good. I am sitting here working on a cup of coffee. I haven't slept much in days, and I feel sick today. I think it's from not sleeping. So I am going to try to drag myself through the next 12 hours with out incident, make it home, take a big bubble bath, and pass out. **Sings 'Halleluyah' at the thought of sleep**
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Oh, but I should add that the weather here is supposed to be yucky by most people's terms, thunderstorms, but I love them, bring them on! Rain facilitates sleep!
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I'm going to have lunch with Jan Fennell (the Dog Listener) today!!!!! I helped run her lecture and book signing on Friday night so the crew is going to celebrate her visit by taking her to lunch today.

What an inspiring woman!!!!! http://www.janfennellthedoglistener.com/
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Her books look interesting, Amy.
Today flew by. I checked in here while having my morning coffee, and then started to play around with our windows. We had all our windows and French doors replaced in February and March. Since a lot of them can be tipped open from the top, I had triangular metal grates screwed into the frames to prevent Jamie from injuring himself. Now that it's getting warmer, I was looking for a solution for the composite frames, and finally found some screws that can be glued to the frames. I measured, and glued, waited two hours, and put up some grates. They fell off, so I started all over again, and am going to let the glue set till tomorrow afternoon.
I spent quite some time this afternoon packing for Tuesday's trip to Hungary. We're going to have to take a ton of stuff, since the weather is so "iffy" right now. We've gone from sunny and in the 80s to rainy and in the 50s this past week.
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Wow! it's HOT here!!!!! Holy moly! I think it's hit 90! This is terrible!
It went from cooler and rainy to just plain HOT!
I have our porch door opened and well, even though our central air is set at 74 it's going off like there's no tomorrow, but the kitties like to be on the porch and they don't get to do it very much so I deal with it.
I have a graduation party to go to later today and have to get flowers for it And after that, this pig stye needs to be cleaned! I have no time this week or next week to do anything but pick up here and there and the occassional load of laundry. Next weekend we are going out of town for our 2 year anniversary! (which is actually on Monday but we are celebrating it early!) Can you believe it's been that long already? Sure doesn't feel like it to me. I wonder if Brad would tell ya the same thing though?

Have a fantastic and safe weekend everyone!
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The day started out bad, as I had dreams that brought up a lot of emotions. That's a crappy way to start out the day.

Just finished watching the Indy 500 and now watching the pre-race for the Coca-Cola 600, and I'm using this time to clip coupons that I've been putting off for too long, and get some cross stitching done that I've also been putting off for too long. The day is getting better.
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Just finished watching the Indy 500
Forgot it was the Indy 500 weekend! 12 years ago this weekend, I found a young tortie cat in the back yard. We called her "Indy" for short and Indiana Joan for her full name. Sorry for the thread diversion....
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All my previous plans where tossed to the curb because my sister took me to lunch at Wingers and we went shoping a little then back home... Today was a great day...
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