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New kitty, need info on vaccines

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I adopted a kitten today from the Humane Society. These are the vaccines, treatments and tests done on him while he was there.
He was 6 weeks old when they got him on 5/2/06 so he's a few days short of being 10 weeks now.

FVRC Intranassal Modified Live ...due again on 6/2/06

Paneleukopenia Subcutaneous Modified Live... due again on 6/2/06

Feline Leukemia Synbiotic Viracheck Test which was Neg.


Revolution ... for flea and earmite treatment.

Pyrantel Pamoate ...I think this is for some type of worms?

He was neutered and microchipped on 5/23/06
Pretty young to be neutered but that's what they do before they put them up for adoption.

What is the difference between FVRCP and FVRC? And what do those shots cover exactly?

I see on his records that he didn't get FVRCP, is that because he's too young?

He will be going in to the vet for a wellness check up on Tuesday. I'm just wondering if there are other vaccines he is missing to date?

Other than my concerns about vaccines I feel he is adjusting to our home great! He's a very happy energetic boy that purrs alot and loves having his belly rubbed.

Any advice would be greatly appriciated.

Thank you,
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Is this correct?

FVRC = Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis & Calicivirus (Upper respiratory viruses)
P= Panleukopenia (Distemper)

He just got the FVRC with the P seperatly instead of getting FVRCP ?

What about the feline leukemia vaccine? Does that mean he didn't get those shots yet? And what other vaccines should he have/get?
I'm soooo confused. (sigh)

Shamie is (-) for feline leukemia and is up to date on FVRCCP - LK Booster and Rabies.

Thank God all of you are here to help with confusion.
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I get confused with the letters for the three or four in one shots also. Both of mine got three sets of shots and the nose drops as kittens, each set was three or four weeks apart and they were started when they were 8 weeks old. They got their first rabies shot with the last set of kitten shots. The vets here have made the leukemia shot optional. If a cat is going to be an indoor only cat they recommend against it because of problems that can occur because of the vaccine.
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The FVR is for Rhino, the "C" is for Calici.
The kitten was given FVRC intranasal vaccination, which will provide better protection to the kitten against the rhino and calici viruses.
If the kitten was given FVRCP, then it was given a 3 in 1 vaccination for Rhino, Calici, and Panaleukopenia.
Instead of doing the FVRCP, it looks like they made sure to give him protection with the intranasal vaccinations in the FVRC, and they gave the panaleukopenia as a separate shot. Everything looks fine with the vaccination protocol that the shelter has used.
If the kitten isn't going to be an outdoor kitty, the shelter may not have felt it was neccecary to give the Feline Leukemia vaccination, since he was tested and confirmed negative, as long as he is never around another infected cat with leukemia, then this vaccination shouldn't be considered one of your core vaccinations. The Felv vaccination is also reported to be the cause of a portion of vaccination site sarcomas.
Pyrantel is the active ingredient in a few wormers, and is very safe in use of kittens. If you begin seeing small "rice" looking segments in the stool, you may want to have him rewormed for tapeworms, as pyrantel doesn't take care of that parasite.
Revolution is what I use on all of my kittens/cats, not only does it take care of fleas, but as well it also takes care of ear mites, the control of roundworms and hookworm, as well of preventing heartworm disease. I have never had a negative reaction with the regular use of Revolution.
Many vets are becoming very comfortable with the practice of pediatric spay and neuters. I have a 4 year old male cat who was altered at 10 weeks old, and he is a large male, that has never had any health issues.
Our own vet has also practiced early altering on all of our kittens, and they all have an easy recovery and the incision is much smaller.
Here is an article on early altering, that may give you peace of mind.
http://www.winnfelinehealth.org/heal...ay-neuter.html or
As well as a study report done.

Your own vets protocol on vaccinations, worming, and neutering, isn't much different than the protocol of my own vet. It sounds like your kitten is off to a great start.
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Whew, I feel so much better. Thank you for all that info.
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