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Fes...our new addition

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Below is a link to the "New Cats on the Block" section of the forum about Fes (pronounced Fez from "That 70's Show")
Here are some pictures of the little guy.
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He is so cute!
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He is sooo cute! I love the name too!

I also have a Fez,and a Hyde!

such a cute baby!
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I love the first pic.
He's so cute
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Awww what a cutie He Reminds me of My cat felix whome i sadly lost 26th December 2004
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Oh, dear Lord. He is a little scampy-doodle-bug!!!!!

What beautiful long hair and markings!!!!

You have a pair of keepers, there!
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He is adorable and looks like he will be very soft
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He is such a busy body little kitty. Curious about everything. I love it! Shamie is such a mellow guy. He doesn't play much so having a very active little guy around is pretty entertaining. Shamie watches from a distance and will go up to sniff. Our toy poodle loves him! He cleans his face and rolls his tiny tennis ball to the kitty wanting to play. It is to cute.
Today we totally rearranged the front room and took out all possible disaster objects. The front room looks so spacious does look really nice without the extra nicknacks and stuff.
The things we do for our fur kids. But they are worth it!
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He is soooooooooooo cute!!!!!
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He's just too cute for words!!
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He is such a handsome little guy!!
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What a cute baby! Our IT guy at work is named Fez, except he spells it different (he is from India I believe).
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Soooo cute. . .the first pic. is great!
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