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POOPS IN TUB/litte Question

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My Cat poops in the tub. Now granted I scoop almost everyday but should I scoop more than once a day so NO poop is in the litter box at all? I bought the feliway stuff, and he still poops and pees out of the litter box. I bought that health alert litter and according to the litter there is no blood in the urine. Does that Health alert litter work? I caught him squatting in the tub and tried to put him in the litter box but he seemed so against it. I keep it clean. Heck I am starting to think that litter box is cleanier than my own tiolet. I sprayed and washed the tub with nature's miracle but he has this thing for the tub,and I would like to take a bath at least some day, but right now it seems to be the second litter box. I opt for showers now! Ps: I have two cats, the younger one has no problems.
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With two cats it's important to scoop a minimum of twice a day. I scoop morning and evening and as needed throughout the day.

The imperative first step in this case is to have your kitty thoroughly assessed by his Vet.
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How many litter boxes do you have?

I have had a similar problem in the past. While you're waiting to get into the vet since it IS a holiday weekend, you can try adding more boxes. The general rule of thumb is one per cat, plus one extra. Sometimes, though, they'll appreciate more.

I have 3 cats and 5 boxes. 4 boxes have World's Best Cat Litter in them (which I strongly reccommend) and one has plain, unscented fine-grain clay. I can get away with scooping once a day with so many boxes, which works for my cats, but yours may be more fastidious and require more attention. Also, try different grain of litter. He may like litter brand A for peeing, but not pooping. Fresh Step is sandier and dustier. Feline Pine is more pellet-y. There is everything in between.

Maybe you could try putting the litter box in the tub temporarily? Then when kitty is using the box, move it away from the tub a little bit until it's where you want it to be. Another option is to put a little bit of water in the tub to keep him out of there.

But I agree with Stephanie that a vet visit is in order here! But these are some things you can try in the mean time, since you probably won't get in until Tuesday. It doesn't sound like a dire emergency situation to me, but DEFINITELY have it checked out asap.
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Great ideas, Allie! If you notice your cat is straining to go, getting in the box, of the tub for that matter and act like he's going to go but doesn't, if he acts as if he's in any pain, crying when trying to go potty or hiding, this is a medical emergency and he needs to be immediately be assessed by your emergency Vet since little boys can get a blockage very quickly, and this could prove fatal.

If he isn't exhibiting any of these unusual behaviors, I strongly recommend that he be checked by his Vet first thing Tues! Thank you for being so diligent.
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By any chance is he a declawed cat? Sometimes declawed cats refuse to use the box after declawing.

He could have a medical problem as stated above. I know my first cat, Mitten (who was declawed) used the litter box all the time. One time he peed in the tub and I saw red spots - got him to the vet immediatly - he had a UTI - one time only his entire life.

Now at the time the litter box was a red/orange color and he knew he had a problem. The tub was white - and the only way I'd have known about the UTI was to see the blood - which would not have been seen in a red litter box!

One heck of a smart cat!
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When a cat uses the tub to pee in it almost always is a sign of urinary tract problems. The health alert litter would not detect crystals which block the urethra and cause pain upon urination. The cat then uses a cold surface (the tub) to pee on because (it the cat's mind) the cold makes it hurt less. Because the cat is both peeing and pooping in the tub, it is very likely that there are health problems that need to be assessed ASAP. (Note that blockages caused by crystals can quickly become lethal!)

Please click here to read about how to stop inappropriate pooping. You can also look at the top of this forum for suggestions on stopping inappropriate peeing.
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Hello, my advice, try every litter you can think of!!! My cat believe it or not, used to pee in his food, it ws horrible. I too cleaned the litter and changed it all the time, nothing worked. I went through every litter yo could think of, I finally tried yesterday's news and never had the issue again.

Good luck to you
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