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About 10 days ago I picked up a yellow straggly bundle off the streets in a local town and called him Bob-Cat. I brought him to the local SPCA shelter (no-kill). He never whined or cried in the car during the ride - instead he gazed around and 'pruumpted' at me with a small little voice. His fur was matted and his tufts around his neck very dirty. His eyes were tired - but very kind.
Bob-Cat had kidney failure and crossed to the Bridge over this past weekend. There was no family to shed a tear for him,so I did so after leaving the shelter today. I had gone for a visit with him only to hear the news that he had passed.

So Bob-Cat, I hope and pray that you are running at the Bridge, playing with all the other lost angels there. You were beautiful, and I will be honored if you remember me when I pass.
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You will be remembered for your help and kindness during Bob-Cat's last few days. He will be among those who come running to greet you when your time comes.
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Debra - I have no doubt he will greet you at the Bridge. You brought a tear to my eye with that story. He did have a family who cared for him and shed a tear - you.
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Debra, Here's someone else shedding a tear for Bob-Cat. I'm so sorry he didn't have you in his life longer. At least he was dry, well fed, and comfortable when he died, thanks to your kindness. And now, Bob-Cat has lots more friends to mourn-at the CatSite.
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Thank you everyone!
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God bless you Debra for taking him off the streets before he passed.
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Once again showing you're the patron saint of wayward kitties...(at least in your area)

Very, very, terribly sad...

But at least, as others have said, Bob-Cat met you and passed in (relative) comfort.

Thanks for all your efforts. You're remarkable.

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I am so sorry to hear about Bob-cat. At least he knew your love and kindness before he passed away.
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Thank you all for remembering Bob-Cat with me.
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