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She was doing better this morning ... I have to pick up Gigi at the vet so I will ask about another xray ... She like the Evo but she is getting bored so I gave her some Natural balence.. Vet said no raw but any canned she want s
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* doing happy dance she is eating( not drinking( is that the fluids>>??))

The vet is calling me later about my pup so I will ask ...

she is peeing and pooping alot
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Yay! Glad to hear she's doing so well
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Well I have a call into the vet... Kandie has not resumed normal eating and pooing amounts ,.,.. I hopoe the blockage is gone and I am being neurotic
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Keep us posted. Keeping fingers crossed that the blockage is gone and she's just having some leftover gut soreness.
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Sure hope Kandie's feeling better tonight!
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Please get well soon Kandie, so your loving owner doesn't have to be so sad seeing you like that!!!!

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How are you two tonight?
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I am not sure... I hopefully have a new steady hour job ... Kandie is still not eating as much as she should and the potty box is not quite right ... I got a call from the vet while I was at work so I missed it but I will be chatting with the vet in the morning...
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Thinking good thoughts...
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That's great about your job, Jennifer. Please be well, Kandie!
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She has a vet appt tomarrow at 9:20am... shell get another xray and then well discuss what is next... she is eating ( not quite normal but about 70% ) drinking and peeing ... she poops but not normal
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, Kandie! Your mom is worried about you, and so are we!
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Kandie went in but wasnt really seen .. I took a stool sample and the GOOD news is nothing unusal in it but a little pollen.... Kandie is not good for xrays so the xray will be done on Monday when she goes in for her dental and tooth pull... the vibes and prayers are working please keep thinking of us ..
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Most certainly will keep thinking of you both.
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Kanide goes in for her dental and xray tomarrow shell come home minus a tooth and I hope that is all ...
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I am just too parinoid but I worry every time I have to leave an animal at the vet ... shell have a dental , an extraction and a bowel xray... and lots of food when she comes home
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Ahhh Good luck I'm sure she'll do fine. Its hard not to worry we Love them so much.
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Keeping Kandie in my thoughts and prayers....let us know when you get word....

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I have only just caught up with this, and am sending positive vibes for her.
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I'm sending more .
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Still sending Prayers and Vibes to Kandie. Get well soon sweetie!
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Looking forward to hearing when she's back home with you.
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Kandie came home and has eaten and so far so good ...
Great news her tooth didnt need to be pulled just the gum cleaned and the tarter taken off ....

The NOT so great news the mass is still in her intestines ... Dr thinks it may just be a thickening( common in cats of her age??) ... She was given 1MG DExamethasone and .5ml penicillin SQ... I am watching and waiting
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Good news about the teeth, and fingers still crossed that the mass is nothing too serious.
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ditto from me!!
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double ditto from me
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