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I have had Romeo about 3-4 months, he has been in his own room for the majority of the time, he got neutered while he was staying in that room. We had just started letting him come out and meet the new cats, they were all fine. They would hiss a growl but that was it, they always kept their distance. Eventually Romeo and one of my cats Giles started to be able to hangout together, they would lay side by side with no problem, sometimes an occasional growl but they were quickly becoming friends. My cat Fez and Romeo kept their distance but no growling. My cat Isabelle hates Romeo and they really hiss and swat a lot but agian no actual fights. Then there is my little cat Stash. Stash and Romeo were always kind of indiffernt, there was growling but nothing serious, no fights, no hissing, and neither cat hid from the other, they would just keep their distance.

I never let them be around eachother unsupervised. I'd let Romeo out during the day when i was home and everything would be peaceful, all cats including romeo sleeping throughout the house with ocassional growling as one cat would pass another. Every one of the cats as been a little on edge since Romeo has been out, understandably.

Well this morning everything was fine when all of a sudden i heard a fight, i ran over and Romeo had Stash pinned down on her back and he was full on attacking her, poor thing was trying to fight back,I was yelling, and there was tuffs of Stash's hair all over the place, and one of them pooped(Im guessing Stash,she had it all over her) I seperated them and put Romeo in his room.

Stash was fine except being covered in poop and looking a little ragedy. Romeo had a patch of fur missing but there was no blood, no cuts, nothing.

What can I do? I think its Romeo, I notice that if one cat kind of trots off, he runs after them. This sometimes scares the other cat, but there has never been a fight, the other cat would hiss and that would be it.

I dont know what to do?