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Thanks for all your insight!

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I'm not sure if I should even post this here, but I just wanted to shout from the roof tops about what a better cat owner this site has made me. Even makes me more knowledgeable for other's cats as well.

The reason I thank the site is because a few weeks back, my dad called me with concern about his cat, Terrance. Terrance is a quirky kitty with very few troubles (he's just a bit rambunctious, but what cat ISN'T!), and all of a sudden, my dad has problems with him peeing outside of his litter box! Immediately, from the knowledge I've gained from the web site, I said, take him to the vet immediately if not sooner! He might have a UTI...well, lo and behold, he did and Terrance is on the way to recovery! Yeah! Of course, I seem like the obedient, smart daughter , but really I have all of you to thank.

I hope others have had the experiences I've had, and took the time to thank the site for all the invaluable help you've given :-) Bravo!
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I have learned so much since I joined TCS.
Here's another Bravo!
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Success stories like this one are the reason the site was created! I'm so glad you soaked up the incredible amount of knowledge the people here have to offer and helped Terrance and your father.
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This is so wonderful!
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Like you, I've learned so much since joining this site. And like you, I try to absorb it, take it to heart, and act on it! I'm sure for those experts who give advice here, success stories like yours is what keeps them going...sort of makes up for those who post here with sick kitties, and don't heed any of the advice.

I'm glad your dad's baby is doing better!
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Well thats awesome!!! i am happy for you, this site does have a HEAP of info
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