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I am a bit annoyed

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I just got back from the doctor's office. They kept me waiting an hour past my scheduled time and when he finally got in the room, he poked my head once, asked me 3 questions and wrote out a prescription. When I went to pay for the visit (we don't have medical insurance right now) it cost me $156.00!!!!!! For WHAT??? He barely even saw me 5 minutes! Man......I never knew how good our insurance was until we lost it when Mike lost his job.
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Its such a shame how much doctors charge and how little time they spend checking you when you come in for a visit. I HATE doctors who do that!
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The sad thing is that a lot of that money is going straight to his insurance company for liability insurance.

It is ridiculous how much they charge, especially when they don't even take the time to actually talk with you. Integrity in every profession has really fallen by the wayside in recent years.
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I think what makes me so angry about things like this is you could have just called and told them over the phone and then they could just call in the perscription to the pharmacy. It rarely happens but the times that it has happened like that for me are just wonderful. No office visit, just pay and pickup the perscription from the pharmacy.
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That's why I always use a nurse practitioner when possible. They will sit down and talk to you and won't charge a ridiculous price to do so. But, of course, for some problems you just gotta see an MD. REALLY irritates me when I have to wait more than an hour when I have an appointment. Sure, I understand that emergencies happen, but I don't think I've ever seen a doctor at the time I was scheduled, I always have to wait. I can't believe that there are so many emergencies that they ALWAYS have to run an hour or more late!

Hissy, I'm sorry you're having to go through all of this. I hope these meds work.
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What concerns me most when the doctor spends only five minutes with me is whether or not they've had the time to fully listen to me and properly diagnose what's wrong. I have irritable bowel syndrome, but the symptoms I have could be due to anything from food poisoning to ulcers to gastrointestinal cancer. Luckily, when I was diagnosed, I was seeing a doctor who took the time to talk to me and check out all the possibilities. My Mom wasn't so fortunate-she had been sick for months, and her doctor kept on saying "Oh, it's just stress. You're a woman, you should expect it." If he had taken the time to do the tests Mom's symptoms called for, the colon cancer she had would have been caught over a year earlier. Unfortunately, by the time she was diagnosed, it had metastisized. She was only 45 when she passed.
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Hissy, I was going through all the threads that I've missed when I was on vacation. I didn't realize you had been in an accident. I hope you are feeling better! How scary! I know its a little late, but better late than never.

Take care!
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About a year ago, I found the most amazing place - UW Physicians Clinic. I suppose it's only in Washington though. I have never even say down there, I swear, nor even picked up a pen or touched a piece of paper! As soon as I walk in they escort me back and then the doctor comes right in, within seconds. And they fill out your forms or paperwork about your symptoms as you talk to them about what's wrong on the computer in the room. I've always been able to get an appointment right away, plus they actually do stuff to you. I went because I'd been really sick for a month once and he actually stuck this big metal thing up my nose and used lights to look at my sinuses and stuff. It was odd and painful, but at least they do something! I have been so happy with them, and they even send my real letters from my doctor saying thanks, the results of any tests and their line number if I have questions. It's amazing.

Hissy, I would talk to them about that. It seems way overpriced and tell them that you are unhappy about the price. Maybe they will charge you more fairly in hopes to keep your business.
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Hissy, I know how you feel but only I had a similar experience with a dentist. My appointment was at 3 and I waited for an hour and a half. The receptionist was very nice and kept apologuising for the delay so I didn't mind much but then I was called into a room. The nurse came in and took a panoramic(Don't know if I spelled that right) x-ray and left the room. A minute later the dentist came in, looked at the x-ray and said "Yep, those teeth have to come out".

Now I had already been to my dentist the first time and paid 135 for him to tell me I needed a root canal or the tooth had to be pulled and had the x-rays done. On my visit to the oral surgeon he took the second x-ray and for 5 minutes of is time is cost me 195!!
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Thats too bad you have had such a bad experience. I for one really like the doctors office I use. There is usually no wait, if you have an appt at 2 pm then that is when you are seen. They always listen and diagnose, and not just rush to get to the next patient. I have 100% coverage so I am not sure exactly how much they charge, but I remember seeing a bill once for $200 so I guess that is kind of expensive. But I always feel like I have their 100% attention when I am there. I usually see the Nurse Prac. when I go, but I've seen the doctor as well and he is just as reliable.

My kids pediatrician is the same way. Outstanding doctors office, I can't say enough good things about them.
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Oh, Hissy, that's terrible. What a chance they are taking with your health, let alone your pocketbook. I have a lot of respect for the education the doctors have, but I still consider them as very well educated, very well paid employees. We have to speak up. That doctor makes more in an hour than I have to live on for a month! There's something wrong with that!

I was told by phone that a tooth extraction by an oral surgeon would cost 150-175 dollars. I had insurance, but it didn't cover that procedure by an oral surgeon; yet my dentist said he wouldn't do it. I showed the receptonist my insurance and asked her to double check. She must have realized that this was a real hardship. I had to pay $100, a lot for me, but much less than it was supposed to be. I have pride, but I also have to eat and pay my utilities. (It took the dentist 3 minutes to remove the tooth, not including the novocaine.)
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Originally posted by dtolle
My kids pediatrician is the same way. Outstanding doctors office, I can't say enough good things about them.
Couldn't agree with you more! Whenever my ex had to change insurance providers in the past, we would make the decision based upon which one the pediatrician was on. My kids have been with this one since birth. I'd follow him anywhere. On more than one occasion he has impressed me with his thoroughness.

Hissy, if you're not sure that your dr. examined you enough today, call the office and ask to go back!
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Usually when the doctor keeps you waiting in the exam room, it's because she's going over your chart. I learned this when I spent a summer "shadowing".
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krissie, I beg to differ. It only takes minutes to go over a chart, that is no reason to get 1 or 2 hours behind. Besides, you would not believe how many don't even bother to review the form you filled out giving the reason for today's visit, much less reviewing any other part of your chart.

Yes, emergencies happen, and yes, the physician must review your chart, but the MAIN reason you have to wait is becuase the physician overbooks. This is also why you only get 3 minutes. I have been in provider office management TOO LONG to even pretend any differently.

There are reasons why they overbook, but since that's not the point of this post, and I'm sure no one wants to hear me rant, I won't go into it.
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What are the symptoms of irrital bowel syndrome? The reason I ask is because I was having a side pain on my left side... hard to describe where exactly it was at unless I showed you. But, I did go to the dr. and she said it was due to lack of fiber.....
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Irritable Bowel Sydrome is when you alternate between constipation and diarrhea. Also, some people experience pain like cramps, gas, etc. Its not pleasant, although some cases are worse than others. It can be very painful and there is not a real cure for it except to control it.

I was diagnosed with this years ago, and keep it under control w/ good fibre intake and minimal stress. It works for me, I hardly have any occurences at all lately since I've changed my diet. It can be quite disruptive if its out of control. Hope this helps Tigger, I am sure the other person that posted this can give you even more insight. Mine is very mild, and sometimes I go weeks w/o any problems.
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We are very fortunate in Canada that our government has us covered for doctor's and hospital visits. They only thing we have to pay for are prescription drugs. Even if you are having surgery, everything is covered except for the prescriptions you have to take home with you. All pain meds for the hospital visit are covered. We have a great system that is being threatened due to governmental cutbacks.
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Daniela is correct, but some people experience either diarrhea or constipation exclusively. At my worst, it was affecting me almost every day. I've dropped most liquid dairy out of my diet, because I'm lactose intolerant, too. I also take an anti-spasmodic and fiber supplements, and I have it under control. I just have to watch out for large meals and very fatty foods. My doctor told me that IBS is often diagnosed by the treatments that help you-if anti-spasmodics and fiber works, you have IBS. If fiber alone doesn't help, I'd ask your doctor about medication. Several new medicines have come on the market recently. Luckily, the first one I tried worked really well, so I have stuck with that.
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Wow, Hissy! I don't blame you for being annoyed! I've never had a Dr. apt cost that much!! That is outrageous! Mine are usually around $50 per visit I think.
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I also have IBS and tried a lot of medication with not very good results. What has worked for me is a daily intake of Kellog's Cracklin Oat Bran dry right out of the box. Since I started doing that, I don't have those lovely attack of cramps anymore.
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