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Kitten Update

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All the kittens are doing great. They are 3 weeks and 2 days old. They are all friendly but 3 of them are super friendly. When I come in and say hi and sit down, all three start meowing and run over to me as fast as they can, then they climb all over me, sometimes playing, and sometimes they fall asleep on me. I was sitting indian style on the floor and Phoebe fell asleep in my lap all curled up, while her littermates and Momma were in the nest. So cute!

I took some more pics today. You guys are probley sick of seeing them. They seem to change so much everyday, I cant help but take a lot of pictures.

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Awww they are so cute. I know I certainly don't get tired of seeing their pics! I love their markings! Just gorgeous.
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They are SO gorgeous!
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Oh they are too cute! I also never get tired of seeing pictures! HOW do you tell them apart?????? LOL
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Awww..very cute.

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Now why would we ever tire of looking at such beautiful kittens? You must be thinking of another group of people!!!

They are incredible...all will be GORGEOUS cats.
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I know we all here drool for pictures... I still want to know how to tell them apart... Maybe give me advice LOL.....
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Thanks guys!

Im the only one in my house who can tell them apart, but its probley cause I spend so much time with them.

Piper is the silver one
Prue is the runt(easy to spot)
Paige is the darkest, almost black with some silver/brown
Phoebe is the biggest female, she looks like House
House is the largest male and has the most awesome pattern
Leo &cole I get confused sometimes, but Cole is darker then Leo and Leo has a white mustache.

Phoebe,Cole, and House are the friendlist, they run as fast as they can to me when i come in their room, and they they crawl all over me and sleep on me.
The others make noises when I come in and show interest to leave the nest, but they usually stay in the nest.

They have started playing with me and they started playing with Momma too. House put his nose in the water yesterday and Phoebe was very interested when Momma was eating the wet food.

Its going to be hard when they leave, Im definitly keeping House, and I might keep another but then I would have 8 cats! Is that too many? My boyfriend wants to keep them all but there is no way we could have 13 cats, thats crazy.
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Wow, they are soooo beautiful!!! They look like bengals? Very cute!
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Well I must say you are really good LOL... I hope I am that good at mine... I went back to see if I could tell the difference in yours and I bearly could LOL...
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