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catching illnesses from dogs

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Hello! I'm new to these forums, but I've been trying to find some answers to my questions all day and I figured this would be a good place to ask, and to become involved with for future cat-related topics I want to discuss

I am planning to adopt a kitten next week, however, I have a roommate whose boyfriend has a small dog that he brings over to our house a few times a week. This dog apparently has some type of respirtory infection, because he is always coughing, sneezing and acting like he's choking on his own breath. He eats fine, and isn't lethargic, and is really friendly and always wagging his tail, so I don't think the problem is TOO serious, however, my roommate's boyfriend won't be able to take the dog to the vet until later NEXT week due to his work schedule.

This might be a dumb question, but should I hold off on getting my kitten until the dog is treated? A couple of people have reassured me that a kitten probably wouldn't catch whatever this dog has, but the last thing I want is to bring my new kitten home to a house where he might get sick from another animal. The dog isn't at our house too often, but I didn't know if it was worth the risk to bring the kitten home. What if I kept the kitten away from the dog until the dog has recovered completely?

Basically, how easy is it for cats to catch colds/illnesses from dogs?

Any advice? thanks
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I honestly don't know about a cat catching something from the dog, but to be on the safe side, if it were me, I'd wait until the dog had been treated and was better before bringing a kitten into the household.
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