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Panting kitten and seperate kitten? (pics)

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I have a few questions that I'm hoping someone can help me with.
Holstein's babies are 5 days old today. She hasn't been seperating anymore babies into different rooms.
The problems I am having now are different. I have one kitten that has been panting. It's not hot in the closet at all. So I know it's not hot. He's the only one doing it too. I'm not sure if it's just silent meows or panting actually. Anybody had a kitten do this?
Also, I have one kitten in the litter that is staying off to the side. It was there by itself earlier and when Holstein went in to nurse them, it stayed by iteself then too. It didn't nurse, didn't even make an attempt to go near them and cuddle. Is this normal? I'm thinking not. This is my baby Stormy. I'm scared that something is wrong. I don't know how long this has been going on today because I've been working a great deal the last couple of days and haven't had a chance to be with them as much.

Also, I've noticed that Holstein will come out and spend anywhere from 3 to 4 hours away from the babies. Is that normal at this age?
I've tried to get them to drink kitten milk, but none would suck the little nipple. I'm worried that she isn't nursing them enough.

Here is a picture of the panting kitten and the seperated kitten (both with mom and without):

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My kitten did a panting thing until i found out he was tryign to hiss! So that might be what hes trying to do. As for the kitten by himself i had one do that for a day or two but i just moved him back to his mama and after a few times moving him he stayed and nursed and did just fine. Im sure someone else had better advice i just wanted you to know my story
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Thank you Prncss89, that made me feel better. I'm hoping that is what it is with the panting baby. I just went in there real quick and put Stormy with her mama and she started nursing so hopefully she was just needing some "alone time" or something. As long as she doesn't do that much. Makes me nervous. I already love that little one bunches.
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Are you weighing them? That is the safest way to know everyone is getting enough. Unfortunately, at this age, missing one or two feedings can be enough to make them very weak. So I would be pretty concerned about the one who seems to be missing meals. If you weigh, you can be sure they are gaining day to day.

The panting...sometimes kittens do that. I wouldn't be too worried about that.
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The tongue thing could be his (or her) attempt to smell things more strongly too...they can actually pick up scent with their tongue. Just keep moving this little one by her teets, and see if he'll suckle.
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No I haven't been weighing them to be honest because Holstein came from outside. I only had her indoors a couple of weeks when they were born (she just showed up one day so basically she's a feral) and I was afraid she would be bad about me holding them. I've only held them once so far while she was away from the nest. She doesn't freak out when I'm touching them or show any concern at all really, so maybe I should start weighing them.
I just don't want her to move the kittens again. I guess that's what I've been afraid of. lol I want to hold them so bad.
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Let me make sure I have my term right here.......does feral mean a wild cat or just a stray? I'm not sure if I should list Holstein as one or not ....that is why I ask. She showed up about 3 or so months ago. Was terrified of us, but grew warm to us in a couple of weeks. She stayed outside until right before those babies were born. She'll be getting fixed and go back outside once the babies are wean.
Is she feral then? Sorry for being ignorant on it, but this is the first time I've done anything like this. lol
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It is probably not is probably hissing. My 4 babies did that from the time they were 1 days old and they are now 3 weeks and they still do it if a new smell comes in the closet. I have a video if I can find it I will post it and if that is what your babies are doing then it is hissing. They were almost a week old in the video. It may be a little dark.

Here it is..please excuse my 2yr old in the background screaming barney/babybop.

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Momof2- When I clicked on the link to see the video just a blank screen showed up.
That is probably what the kitten is doing then. That's much better to me. lol
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Since she seems to be accepting you near the kittens, start picking each one up to feel its weight each day. If you have a scale, go ahead and weigh at the same time each day, too. If no scale, at least lift them to see if one is falling behind.

I consider a feral to be a wild cat. Often an outside cat looks very frightened and afraid, but is really a cat who was tamed once, and someone dumped it outside. So once you start working with them, they tame up fairly quickly.

I think your kitty is probably a dumped kitty. It is nice that she is taming.

When I started with fostering kittens, I thought it was best not to touch them at first. But from reading at TCS, especially on how the breeders handle things, I learned that if the Mom lets you, it is good to handle them briefly from the beginning.
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If the kitten is constantly panting please see a vet. This can be a sign of heart problems.
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Originally Posted by hissy
If the kitten is constantly panting please see a vet. This can be a sign of heart problems.
Okay, I'll watch it. Thanks for letting me know.
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The kitten that was doing the "panting" was doing it again. Holstein was in the kitchen eating when I checked on them. I picked the kitten up and wrapped it in a little hand towel to keep it warm. I wanted to monitor it a second, but Holstein came running in and clearly was not happy about it.
She ran up and grabbed the kitten out of the towel and kinda freaked out but dropped the baby back down and ran into the closet with the other babies. I immediately put the baby back in the bed with her. I don't think Holstein is happy with me now. When I tried to pet her she acted weird with me.
So much for being able to hold the kittens.
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I bet she is going to move them again now.
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