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Skittles had babies....

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Ok here is a few... I use a night cam so it is difficult... I can not get them all just yet....

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Awwwww..... they are so cute!

I am amazed at how big they are considering there were so many! Good job Skittles and Jenny!
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Aww!, congratulations Skittles and Jenny!
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I am so happy that she finaly popped. i didnt think she would, you both did a great job. So what is the final total. How many total, how many alive
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They are cute as can be.
What was the kitten total?
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So, there's 7 live kittens?

We've all been a bit confused, I think. LONG DAY!

Looks like you have at least 1 dark gray tabby in there...CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Skittles looks a mess...rather bloody. Don't worry about that, though. She'll clean herself up nicely when she has some more energy.
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They are good sized too! So how many actually are alive!

Skittles you REALLY did yourself proud! NOW let YOUR mommy help you so you can get a WELL DESERVED rest, Dear Little Girl!
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Oh, they are just adorable!!

Congratulations to Skittles and Jenny!!

Best of luck!!

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Congratulations both of you! I can't wait to see them when they're all fluffy and their colors start coming out better! Sooo cute!!! Thanks for the pics, be sure to keep us updated!!!
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Yes there is 7 am starting to tell them apart...
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So sweet! hows skittles?
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Look at all the lil skitlets!
Soo adorable!
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They are darling....Congrats, you both did an awesome job.....
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My movie camera has night vision so I got to see it all... I also take photos with it give me 0 min to pee eat and prop my foot up and I will try to get it all D/L I am starting to see them apart now...
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Can't wait will have a look at them when I get up tommorrow morning!
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I'm so happy that ordeal is over! I think she'll do well with them on her own. And if not, you're prepared. Maybe you can get to healing that foot now!

They are going to be just darling. I can't wait to see more of them!
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LOL@ skitlets.. Congratulations Skittles and Mom
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well done skittles and well done mom
they look so cute
i cant believe i was away from the pc when she finally did it
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Wooohoooo!! What Cuties
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Jenny, I am so proud of you and Skittles! After Ethel had 4 and I got her cleaned up and sat down I was exhausted! And my kids were at school!

For you to have helped with 12 deliveries and some stillborns, with 3 boys and a cast is truly amazing! And then we get pictures! Girlfriend...you ROCK!!!!

Now the fun begins and hopefully you can get some sleep tonight. I need to call my boys and let them know but I need the final count. I am not sure if it was 8 and 4 or 7 and 5.

Get some rest and we will look forward to pictures soon!

Also, your vet is amazing especially since he got it exactly right!
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Congratulations Skittles and Jenny!

I cannot wait to see more pics!


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Congratulations Skittles!!!!! You're now a Mommy...and from the 1st pics it looks like a very good one!! Best of luck darling!!!
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Yes, the kittens are at a stage now, where at least you'll have 3-4 weeks to rest your foot, get caught up on much needed rest, and do something for YOURSELF!!! After the 4 week mark, and they begin to run around and terrorize Skittles and everyone else, then I don't know what to tell you.

Can't wait to see them in a few hours. I saw a bit of lighter gray in the first pictures...awww!!! You did end up with some variety, and like a said before, a couple of darker tabbies!

Now you might not have to worry about telling them apart! They did all look a bit different from one another!
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What precious babies! Good job Jenny and Skittles, they are definately worth the wait, right?
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Congrats on 7 healthy babies! That is still a lot for a new Mom to care for, but I am sorry for your losses. You did a great job of assisting Skittles. They are gorgeous!
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They are so cute!! I am glad that she is finally through that whole labor thing! Now the real fun begins!! Mine are 3 weeks and becoming more and more fun everyday!
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Congrats on your seven new kittens. Great job Skittles.Skittles was trying to have them on the Holiday I think.!
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Awww! So glad they are here. Congratulations on the babies!
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Guess what! I have 7 too and one looks just like Skittles! Can't beleive it! He might just have to be the one I keep.....to remind me of Skittles!!!! I'm so happy about Skittles and Patches!!Theres now an update on Patches thread!
I just knew they would have them together! Sorry I couldnt update sooner....computer on the opposite end of the house, they came so close together! I had my son send an update a couple of times..just to say they were coming! (sorry for the little hijack Jenny! Im so happy for you!! Your babies are ADORABLE! Hows Skittles feeling?
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