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Keeping Cats out of plants

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How can I go about keeping Nox out of plants? She loves to play in the dirt, and lounge it. Cleaning up dirt off the floor all the time is rather annoying.

Tritan on the other hand doesn't even pay attention to the plants.
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You can try a number of things.
Foil around the base of the plants, covering the dirt (I don't like this because it creates watering difficulty).

Try large sized gravel, rocks about the size of a toddler's fists, completely cover the dirt.
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The best alternative I've found is to not have plants in the house unless they're catgrass or catnip made for Sierra and Serenity's consumption. It is especially vital to not have plants in our homes that could be toxic to our kitties.
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Oh the plants must say. I got them from my dad before he passed away. They're not toxic. I had someone examine them.

But the plants aren't going anywhere!

I think I'm going to try the gravel thing.
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MY yougun was doing that. Just loungin on top of my huge (I forget it's name). Anyway, I moved it for the summer and will try again in the winter. He can still get in it if he wanted to, but it isn't next to a window anymore. I think that was part of the attraction.
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Here is a site that will help you determine if the plants you have are toxic to cats: http://amby.com/cat_site/plants.html It isn't what is used on them it is the plant itself. If they are on this list, simply get rid of them.

If they are OK, I've used 2 methods depending on the size and shape of the plant: Make a grid over the top of the pot with masking tape - tape over the edges and between the plant so that they can't get into the dirt. For large pots, I use chicken wire as the grid. Your other option is to confine the plants to a room where the cats don't go and close the door.

I've hung plants from the ceiling and the cats have still managed to climb on top of something tall and leap over to them. Many cats like to dig in dirt and if they want to get to them, there isn't much you can do to keep them away. They are just too compelling to them.
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I bought a thing called Cat Scat which is a plastic spiked mat that you anchor into the dirt with the spikes pointing up. This discourages kitty from jumping into the pots for any reason - since I got them, Ginger stays the heck away from them - one leap onto the spiked mat in the plant pot that was her favorite to scratch around in the dirt in, and she has since avoided ALL my plants like the plague!
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