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Trying to determine breed of my cat

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Hello :]
I'm trying to figure out the breed of my new kitten, but I have no idea.
She is about 2 months old, I got her from the local SPCA.
She was an abandoned kitten so they did not know her bread either.
There are some pictures of here here:

Most of the pictures are of my older cat, Kibbles, who was also an abandoned cat that we got from the SPCA, but was older (1-3) when we got him about 9-10 years ago.
I would appreciat it very much if you could help me, thanks!
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Not all cats are breeds I was just wondering if there was anything that makes you think that this might be a pedegree?
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i don't know all that much about breeds or anything.
and i didn't know until right now that not all cats have breeds or having a cat with a breed makes the cat a cat of pedigree.
my bad :X
i was just wondering if she was just domestic longhair or if she was like actually... something, for lack of a better word.
like my cat kibbles is maine coon.
i don't know much about 'em, but i sure do love them all :]

and now that i think about it, there is pretty much no possibilty she could be pedigree.
i live in a small village surrounded by farming towns.
the local spca is full of cats and kittens.
luna is awfully cute though.

p.s. are those your cats?
they are absolutely gorgeous!
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This page is good at explaining cat breeding. http://www.breedlist.com/faq/purebred.html It can be confusing because dogs have been bred for ages but the efforts to breed cats is relatively new (since the Victorian era).
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thank you!
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She's a brown tabby and white mixed breed. She may have some maine coon in the background but probably more mixed then "purebred".

If you want, you could call her a main coon mixed Only she knows her "pedigree".

I like to say for the mixed breeds - EVERY cat has a pedigree - just that we don't know what it is
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thanks very much!
that was really helpful!
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On this note... to hijack this thread...

I have a kitten (ok she's probably 7+ months old now) who looks breedy to me. She is brown like a havana, exceptionally soft short coat, very angular face and long tail for her body. SHe has some faint mackeral tabby stripes of darker brown on her head and neck and sides. Her eyes are still yellow and she's a shelter kitten. SHelter is useless at rembering info on kittens- they thought she was a boy and named her "Spud", silly name for such a little princess. I will try and take pics soon and post them.

ANYWAY- she has a look to her like she;s something. If I understand correctly true brown cats aren't super common. In our area I;ve seen a lot of strays and domestics and her conformation seems somewhat specialized.

Appreciate any thoughts.
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The solid chocolate/brown color is not common in a mixed breed. And while your cat could have Havana in the background, I'm willing to bet its probably more of a burmese brown in the background.

Havanas have a different look - longer body, more of a heavier type of oriental. The brown is solid - no tabby markings. Also the face has a round muzzle that is described as a "corn cob stuck on its face".

This is a picture of a Havana compared to the Burmese:


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I love burmese cats my gran had two when I was younger they were so lovely
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