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Your Highschool Yearbook

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What does your senior high school yearbook bio say about you, your personality, your future? Other than "remember the fun we had in --------class," what did most of your friends say when they signed? Did you win any honors? To what organizations did you belong? Did any particular teacher affect your future choices?
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I was a superachiever type. Valedictorian, Most Likely to Succeed, belonged to about 15 different organizations, etc.
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Well, I don't know if it's a Texas thing or just the area I am from, but the school district I attended, as well as some others in the area, doesn't publish "bios" with the pictures of the Senior class.

Can't really remember, don't have my yearbook on me, what my friends said. I've only stayed in touch with one person and she's been my best friend since we were 12. She however was a cheerleader, voted "Most Popular," "Miss Humble High," and nominated for the Homecoming & Prom Court. She is the most level headed person for having been "popular," not snotty like a lot of the "popular" girls were at our high school.

I wasn't popular but I wasn't disliked either; I just blended into the crowd. I was sort of an academic. I was inducted into the National Honor Society as a Sophmore. I received the Outstanding English Student award my Sophmore year. I lettered (received a letter jacket) at the UIL typying competition by winning 1st in District. I received the Outstanding Business Student Award my Senior year and was one of the handful of seniors who received the Who's Who award, wich is only for Seniors and is teacher nominated. I was in the top 20% of my class of 500+ students.

My business teacher Mrs. Havens was a big influence on me, she was my mentor. She was my typing teacher who "guided" me to join the UIL typing team. I also had her for another business course. She is also the teacher who nominated me for Who's Who; each teacher gets to nominate one student and she picked me. It was also during her class when I found out that I had been accepted into the National Honor Society. She was a business major in college and when I was in college trying to decide if I wanted to major in business, I went to her to help me decide. I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to do it, that it would be too hard but she convinced me otherwise. I really admire her.

Didn't mean to right a novel and wasn't trying to bragg, it's just that these are my only happy memories of high school. High school was a pretty rough time for me; always worrying whether I was wearing the right thing or saying the wrong thing and since you asked............. :tounge2:
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Oh, I'm so sad. This post just made me realize that's something else my stupid evil roommate stole. I had this awful roommate that stole EVERYTHING I had. Yeah, it was great. The monetary loss was awful, but it's been almost 5 years and still, every now and then, I think of something else that is irreplacable and gone. What a b....
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Most had "Have a nice summer and good luck in the future."or "It was great having to know you. I like you. Maybe we can get together someday." We didn't have Bios unless those graduating had special honors or something. I was member of the Spanish club. The only teacher who I really admired is in prision right now for raping a former student. It hurt very badly because I really respected him.
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We didn't have bios per se, but we were allowed a certain number of letters to include a message. Some people put down their sports or student group participation. Others put down things only understood between them and their friends. I mostly listed my friend's initials. I don't have any signatures, because we didn't get our yearbooks until well after graduation. In fact, I got it when I came home for thanksgiving my freshman year of college.
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We don't have bios in ours either. There is lots of other stuff though, and pics of all the organizations and clubs. As far as things that I did:
Football Cheerleader
Dance Team
Member of the Prom Committees
Member of YOU ( Youths opposed to using )
Member of SADD

I was pretty active, involved in lots of stuff. I hung out with a good group of friends and did well academically. I graduated number 41 out of a class of 423, so I did well.

Great thread, brought back good memories.
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I didn't get my yearbook until after I graduated. We got them in like October or something. We didn't have bios under our name, but we could say whatever we wanted up to a certain amount of letters. I wasn't involved in any sports or extra curricular activities b/c I had to work. I was on the powder puff senior football team. (I don't know if anyone knows what that is...but there is a team of junior girls and a team of senior girls and we play flag football against each other around Homecoming time). My picture is in the yearbook 3 times from that game. I guess that I can't complain b/c at least I got in there for something. I also graduated with honors.
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High school...I don't even know where my yearbook is now! I think almost all of the messages were along the lines of "You're a sweet girl. Stay out of trouble. Good luck in your future." Stuff like that.

We didn't have anything but our names by our photos. They had a section for quotes from the seniors, and I submitted a real philosophical lyric from Iron Maiden. Of course, unless you were friends with someone on the yearbook staff (all students) it didn't get put in.

I graduated with Honors, which meant you got an honor cord to wear when you graduated. That was my goal when I started HS, and I did it, though. You had to maintain a 3.85 GPA (no weighted grades, 4.0 was the best possible) through all three years. I was a member of 2 choirs, vice-president of the Women's Choir, on the newspaper staff, and in the Dead Poet's Society (it was right after the movie. It was actually a really cool "club" where a bunch of us intelectual types, generally the ones who were not in the popular crowd, would get together after school and discuss poetry and books and stuff.)

Mr. Gray was the most influential teacher I had. He was the advisor for the newspaper, and a great teacher. More than that, he helped me through a very difficult time (I got pregnant when I was 16 and miscarried). He was so understanding, and didn't even really know me at the time. I took his journalism class the next semester and he invited me to be a part of the newspaper staff the next year, which was a real honor (it was invitation only for an award winning student newspaper).
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I was very active in high school, accompanist for the chorus, drama club, student government, features editor of the newspaper, soloist (voice) in assemblies, speech club (original oration), honor student, county chorus (with Shirley Jones) and voted most musical. That didn't make you popular with the "in" group though, only the "good" kids. I took a lot of razzing because of my interest in classical music, so I was shocked when elected most musical. Years later, at high school reunions, some of the guys I thought were laughing at my choice of music told me they knew I was talented, and wondered if I had "done something" with my music.
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I don't have anything OUTSTANDING but I was a part of the Drama dept for 3 of my 4 years there. Participated in 1 Talent Show and the 1st Annual "Puttin On The Hits" in 1986. In the Talent show, I did an old sketch from the Johnny Carson/Tonight Show called "Copper Clappers". It went over real well with the audience. In the other show, my friend Mark and I lipsynched to "Hit It Run" by RUN DMC. I wasn't popular but I knew the popular people, I just chose not to hang with them. I chose to hang with the band geeks instead (not really, my best friend happened to be in the band) My sister was a senior when I was a freshman so I was able to sit at the "Senior tables"!! I was a member of the Drama Club and SADD. I ran Cross Country my 1st year and tried out for Football my 2nd year but didn't make it because of grades.

On a side note...

Anybody remember that movie with Christian Slater called "Gleaming the Cube"?? It was his first starring role. It was shot at my high school!! Woodbridge High in Irvine, CA!!!

Tom Dumont of No Doubt graduated a year ahead of me in 1986.

Adam Keefe, formerly of the Utah Jazz and Golden State Warriors NBA basketball teams, graduated a year after me in 1988. He can also be seen in the background of the Slater movie.

Will Ferrell, of Saturday Night Live, went to our rival school, University High.

Okay...I'm all done!!

Class of 1987
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I'm not up to digging out the old yearbook at the moment to look up old messages, but I will say that one of the most influential teachers I ever had was Mr. Postle in one of my senior English classes. I still have the notes I took in his class (some 25 years later), and just last semester I wrote a narrative about the class and him for one of my graduate professors.
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I was voted 'worst driver'!
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Ummmm I never ordered a yearbook in highschool....*sigh* at the time I didn't care, now I wish I had! Soooooo If anyone out there has a highschool yearbook from the class of '79 and would like to send it to me ...

I was into drama..... did a few musicals but the rest were the traditional plays that most schools do. On a side note when I wasn't doing drama, and even sometimes when I was, I was also into...

Drinking, smoking, weed, shrooms, window pane, not going to school..... It's a wonder that I'm still alive.

I really did have a great time though and my grades were good, go figure.

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Originally posted by Imagyne
I was also into...
Drinking, smoking, weed, shrooms, window pane, not going to school..... It's a wonder that I'm still alive.
Hmm, I guess this "true confession" makes TCS off limits for your daughter, huh?
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Well, of course!!!! Geez, I hope sandie doesn't read that part....

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:laughing: may be busted!

We didn't have bios with our pics either....
I belonged to the drama club, did a few plays, was in chorus, won some awards for singing, yada high school days were pretty uneventful. Definately was not voted most popular....I was a bit overweight, and more into hanging with the "out" crowd back then. The ones who skipped shcool, smoked, etc.

My 10 year reunion a few years ago...(okay 8 years ago) was fun...I had lost weight, and some of the people who were so popular were less than attractive. Funny how things change. They didn't seem so high and mighty then. One guy who never gave me the time of day in school acted like I should be pretty impressed that he was talking to me.
I wasn't.

In 2004 I will have my 20th reunion....hopefully I
will lose the weight from having the baby and will go to that one, I skipped out on the 15th year one.

I do like to see some of the people who were really decent to me, and that is why I like to go....there were some really nice people along with the jerks.
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I was just looking at mine the other day! A lot of people wrote 'stay as sweet as you are'.....HAH! Guess they did not know me very well.
My 30th reunion is this year........maybe I will go!
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High school seems like forever ago, and the girl I was then seems so different than who I am now. I was in band and chorus, and I was very quiet. I blended for the most part. I got good grades, and didn't get into trouble, but I wasn't someone who was picked on. I also wasn't in the popular crowd, and I'm glad.

We didn't have bios, but we had our activities listed, and our plans (dreams) for the future.

I got a lot of those "To a nice girl and To a good friend" types of comments. My best friend and I wrote a list of important things in each other's yearbooks. Thank goodness I wrote down what it all meant, cause I don't remember most of it now without the explanation.

My class did not have a 15th reunion, I hope we have a 20th (in 2005).
I had some fun in high school, but I am glad I don't have to go through it again. I remember being so happy to get away when I graduated and went to college. Going from a small town to Penn State was very exciting.
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We didn't have bios, either. I was in the newspaper during my senior year, and also was in the coop program (went to school half day, and worked the rest of the day.) I didn't participate in sports or anything like that.
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For those of you who want to find out, you probably know of the website Classmates. Here is the link:


This is where I found most of my friends.
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Oh, this makes me giggle!
I was voted most Unique, and if you remember back to High School, that's not really a good thing! *grin* Although I love it now, and consider my self...hmmm...eccentric even!
My bio listed cheerleader and majorette, and although I wasn't in many clubs during High School I did manage to get into virtually ALL the group photos (including the wrestling picture!) along with a friend. What a HOOT!:tounge2:
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Classmates used to not charge, and now they do! is another one.......

I wasn't popular, either in school. If you ask me still today, people who are in the popular groups can be so conceited and won't give you the time of day. Not all are like that..... but, at my high school, they were.
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