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i've had pisces to the vet today for booster, micro chipping & to get a worming tablet. last time i wormed him it was with a two part powder. you put the powder in his morning meal & the second powder in the following morning meal. he wouldnt go near the food & he starved for bout 2 days so this time i tried the tablet.

i've been told you can get a liquid you put on the back of the neck like frontline but my vet dont stock it so that was a no go. i decided to give him the tablet just before he had his tea tonight. it was quite hard, harder than giving the dog i had when younger his worming tablet.

i had to hold him & try & get his mouth open while my partner put the tablet down his throat & rubbed his throat lightly. its took three attemps with me getting very scratched in the process. i feel soo sorry for him has he's had a bit of an ordeal today & i think the booster has made him rather sleepy, he's normally out all day & in at night.

it says on the tablet packet that you have to give him one of these worming tablets every three months, i'd hate to have to go through this 4 times a year.

do any of you know any easier ways to get tablets down a cat without distressing them?
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I crush them up and add it to the food - works for me but some cats won't go for that. Have you tried that? (I know you said you'd tried the powder) Alternatively you could see if this site sells the stuff you put on the back of the neck.

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We just recently gave Bijou and Mika Drontil (worming pill). Mika had to have 1 1/2 and Bijou 2 1/2. Our daughter broke each whole pill in two and put them in special treats called Pill Pockets and they ate them up with no problem. The pill pockets are a softish treat with a hole in the centre. You put the 1/2 pill in the centre and close the treat around the pill. We had to ask our local pet store to order them for us but they were very happy to do so. Apparently they had another customer ask for them as well.
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