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Would a cat be able to set of an passive infared dector(its the house alarm)?
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I dont really know but i guess it would depending on how high/low it is set?

Mine always set off the security light on the back door.
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To answer your question, yes, cats can set off infrared alarms. If you are thinking about having an alarm installed, make sure you let the installer know that you have cats, so they can test the alarm. Even though they can make the adjustments, you will more than likely still get a few false alarms once in a while.
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I already have it installed
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Yes, when we go on holiday we set the alarm and it isn't set in two of the rooms (one which leads outside) and we keep them in there.
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When I was about 13-15 my cat midnight set the house alarm off...
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Yep they can set off alarms, I don't even bother setting ours anymore, their antics set it off all the time!
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Yea they can, I was out not to long after we bought the house and the thing was in the cornor that faced the stairway, when I came home I had 2 calls from the security place 1 from my hubby and the neighbor came and said the police had been here When it went off they called my hubby at work and he didn"t even know the password so they ask him if they should send the police and he said yes I don't know if there's anything wrong. To say the least we moved it
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Yep cats set them off all of the time. Luckily I am staying with dad and we live so far out that we don't have one. We have a much better security alarm, my border collie shep mix. She is the absolute best alarm. And Lucky my dad's boxer mix is good at that too.
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Yes. There was a cat who'd set off an office alarm every night at about the same timeby jumping on the windowsill. I think it got some sort of amusement watching all of the big creatures run in circles trying to find out what happened.
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