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I have to tell you, I am so happy Mishka is doing better. I have been really worrying about LuckyGirl, she will just eat anything...this is what she had done in the wild, so she has no fear. I have found her carrying things in her mouth and had to pry them out (twice it was those little clear rubber bands from Barbie's hair!). I am being very overly cautious now thanks to this story. I wouldn't be able to handle it if anything happened to her. You are a great Meowmy and will be a wonderful Mommy too!

Here's to swollen feet and stretch marks!!!
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Any news on Mishka? How is he doing?

PS... He is such a pretty boy! The middle pic in your signature he looks like a jaguar!
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LuckyGirl thank you so much!
Yes, Mishka is doing wonderfull- now we have problems keeping his litter box clean! He is running around the house, eating, playing with his e-collar- though I think he can not wait to take it off! We hare having his stitches removed next Monday! He is really doing great after all! This board healing vibes are legend!
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I am SO GLAD that Mishka is doing well!!! I was really just sick over this whole thing... I kept thinking omg... this could happen to LuckyGirl...and you poor thing...being pregnant is enough to worry about... and I actually teared up thinking about it and your whole situation...

I am thrilled that he will be ok!!!

Three cheers for Mishka!!! You strong handome boy!!!
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Thank you, honey!
You are so sweet!
Yes, he is himslef again- he drives us crazy and we love it!
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