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eye sight

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I have a cat that is 5 years old and he is really jumpy and scared. his eyes seem to not be foucsing on much to me they seem to be crossed eyed. all my other cats I have 5 in all are fine and have ajusted well to all that has been going on in our lives. this cat tigar his mother was a calitco and the father we think is siamese and tigar has all the marking of a white flame his sister looks like a sismese. is this something that I should worry about or what We have moved two times in one year and fire in december. We had to have all the cat have a sleep over at a friends house. could this behavor have anything to do with all of this Hope someone can help us
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It is very common for siamese to have a crossed eyes is probably the siamese in him. As far as the nervousness goes...some kitties are jumpier than others. But there are many products on the market that can help. Feliway is one of them, I have never personally had to use it but I hear it is very helpful.
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