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Flea medicine ineffective?

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My 15-pound indoor kitty has somehow gotten fleas. It took a while for me to notice, because considering that the little guy never even goes outside it didn't occur to me that he could even GET fleas. I applied Frontline once a month ago, and again about 3 days ago, and it still does not seem to be working. When I mention this to my vet he stares at me like I'm crazy, but it really does not seem to be effective at all. At best, it gives him relief for a few days and then he's scratching again about a week later.

I watch him closely after each application to make sure he is not licking it off - any other ideas for why this isn't getting rid of his fleas? Is he too big? Help! I hate to see my angel so itchy and miserable.
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A couple things come to mind.... You're not bathing him 2 days before or after you put it on right? If so then the Frontline is pretty much useless.

If you're not bathing him then I've found in some cases with the big kitties they need a little extra frontline..... We have quite a few 15 plus pounders whose owners have to apply a dose and a half for it to have any effect. Consult with your vet before putting any extra on though.

There are other medications on the market such as Revlolution that are just as safe for cats and does a good job at getting rid of fleas. Maybe if the Frontline isn't working for him another brand will. Again ask your vet about useing another application after you already put one on.
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Have you treated your house for fleas? Those suckers can hide out in the carpeting, and keep infesting your cat. Perhaps getting flea treatment for your rugs, or even a flea bomb, may help alot.
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Thanks, BadHabit - last time I indeed did give him a bath the day before applying Frontline. I will avoid this in the future.

Also, I have not treated the carpet other than vacuuming like crazy, mostly because I have heard horror-stories about commercial flea treatments. Can you recommend a safe "over-the-counter" treatment for the carpet and his bedding that I can pick up at Petsmart?

Thanks for the help!
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Molly, I'm not too familar with the brands of powders and sprays for inside the house but I'm sure other members are. What you can do it vaccum very throughly, making sure to get in the couch cushions and all the little corners of the house. As soon as you're done vaccuming remove the vaccum bag and toss it out. Some people have suggested throwing a flea collar in the bag once you're done to kill the fleas.

This won't get rid of them all but it helps quite a bit.
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