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Poop on feet!!!!!!!!

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My kitten socks has poop on his feet.When he comes out of his litter box he as poop on his feet. He is eight weeks old. I dont know if it is from his litter or he is not looking were he is stepping. I have to get a little bath tub and have to wash him.Does this ever happen to anyone else? is this normal? Or he is not looking were he is stepping? I don't what it to get on my carpet. I always clean out his cat litter box. And he HAS to use a cover cat litter box.Because he gets it on the walls.

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Sounds perfectly normal to me! At 8 weeks, they've not perfected the art of avoiding the mess in the box, but they are very adept at stepping in it! Your kitty will get the hang of it in time and you won't have to worry about clean up patrol.

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My kitties are about 7months & 6months and they still step in it sometimes. I also have wall to wall carpeting so I know the frustration of cleaning poopy paw prints off the rug. I still have no solution and I'm hoping that they will get better at it some day. The seem to have bad aim, it's like they dig a hole and then they miss it completely...lol. My older cat doesn't even cover up after he goes half the time so that's part of the problem. I'm open for suggestions too.
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Diego is about 7 months old and if his poop is runny he gets it on his feet and runs over to me right away meowing, for some reason he usually gets it on the side of his legs so he doesn't track on the floor...thank goodness! It is nasty and I hope he gets out of those clumsy toilet manners sooner than later.
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While we are on the subject how about a kitty that isn't clean when he comes out. He has it all over his butt. I have to leave throw blankets on the couch. He truely hates a bath and the kitty wipes don't get it all off. I feel bad cause Lucky is too fat to lick it himself and no one will dare to go near him.
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