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What Type/Breed/Kind of cat do you have?

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~And what's their personalities like?~

We have two kitties (it's all we're allowed here).

Both we got at a petstore in the local area.

First is Pandora. She's a Tortie baby. Her birthday is Feb 21. She is mostly black with speckles of orange and red and a teeny bit of white on her. She has some white spots between her toes (so adorable) and all her paws are black, save one, which is orange. She looks as though she is going to be long and lanky.

Then there's Pearl. She's a Siamese/Persian mix. She's a lilac point. Gorgeous baby girl. Her birthday is March 21st. ((a month apart how cute huh?)). The petstore we got her from the owner is actually the pet parent and loved her the most. There were a total of three kittens there, one was a darker point and the other was all tabby (I'm thinking a different daddy but who knows). She has sky blue eyes and loves to love on you.

Both are playful little bits....and at night you can hear them running up and down the hallway (hence the siggy). It sounds like a herd of elephants going through my house I swear.

We feed them Eukanauba. Pandora (we call her Pandy for short) will eat anything but Pearl is hooked on the stuff.

It's good for them though. One of the better foods they make I think. Kitten formula of course.

They love to sleep between us at night. Or cuddled up together on the top of my one unpacked box (it's a dresser mirror and it has a blanket draped over it).

During the evenings if I'm sitting where I'm sitting right now, you can usually find both of them laying on my chest and shoudler (respectively).
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Well where do I start??

1)Sherman-hes my cow kitty(white with black markings) He is about 6 yrs old, got him from someone that had "free kittens". Hes got a pretty good personality considering his bad stomatitis, which is getting better, I think.

2)Gus-hes a big ole tabby baby! I got him from a couple last fall, who rescued him and another kitty from a river. Hes not quite a year old yet-hes full of energy and love.

3)Chloe-got her last fall also, she was a stray at my moms. Shes a tuxie-and full of love's!

4&5)Abby and Lily-1/2 bengal, sisters. Both are only about 7 mos old, and have very *gripy* attitudes.

6)Callie-ok, shes just a whole new ball game! LOL...shes Gracies(RIP) daughter and shes about 4 yrs old(very little cat, I think) and she is very MOODY! BTW-shes a calico.

7)Lucy(Gracies daughter) shes also a very moody one....and 4 y/o as well. Shes a darker calico.

Thats my cat family Well actually theres 5 baby kittys as well. I guess I will tell ya about them too.(almost 6 weeks btw)

1)Rosie(looks just like Lucy) which is awkward
2)Lucky-shes the one I revived after she was born feet first and would not breath for nothing! I gave her a little mouth to mouth and talked to her the whole time, and she survived(so Lucky just seemed to fit her)
3)Then theres the 3 tabby brothers-Eddie,Freddie,and Teddy.
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i have got two british short

1) tilly is a tortie and white and is about 5 years old i had her from my local cats protection league.

2) dotty is a black and white. is is almost 2 and i had here from a neighbour.

the both have tinned food and some times have dried food when they feel like a change
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Layla is a Domestic Short Hair Cream Tabby.
She's playful but can also be sometimey.
Like, if she's perched by the window and I pet her too much she'll turn away and go behind the blonds.
My mom thinks she's bi-polar. But she's just being Layla.
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I have a beautiful silver Siberian, whom I travelled all the way to Moscow to pick up. He is very friendly, as I found a very good breeder and I raised him since he was a mere 10 weeks of age.
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