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Monday's DT

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Good morning everyone. It looks like we are having computer problems at work again today. I think they should send us all home. I am posting alot today - I have to get everyone caught up on jokes. I have to go visit my inlaws tonight. They haven't been well lately, so it probably won't be to happy of a visit. Oh well. I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great day.
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I was awakened this morning by Cleo deciding she really needed to lie on my shoulder and purr really loudly. She did this about 10 minutes before I had to get up, and it's really a much nicer way to wake up than listening to the alarm buzzing.

I came in early today to find out the meeting I was supposed to attend--the only reason I came to work at all today--is cancelled. So I'm messing around until about noon, then I'm leaving and I'm off the rest of the week.
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Morning, all. Swing shift, again. I bought a digital camera, yesterday and will play around with it, this morning. They seem to have the forest fire under control, with no loss of structures or communications equipment. It has burned nearly 24,000 acres. Ike ate two seedling trees that we were trying to get started. Rowdy was snuggled up with me, when I woke up. She, quickly, went into her "Mommy, I'm starving" song-and-dance. Opie, of course, is too dignified, to do that. He reclines in regal splendor, awaiting his meal. Have a good Monday!
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Finally - some good news in my life! We went and spoke with a loan officer on Friday, just to see if there is any chance in hell that we would qualify for a home loan. Even with my bankrupcy last year, we actually do qualify! It's not for much, since hubby isn't working, but I asked Dad to cosign so we could actually get something nice in a decent neighborhood. Fingers crossed that everything works out! We will be moving around the end of August, regardless, because we just can't afford the apartment we are in anymore. I just hope that it is to our own place and not just another rental.

Other than that, nothing much is going on. Work is DEAD! The phones aren't even ringing much, which gives me a chance to catch up here. It's actually nice out today, highs in the mid-70s. Nice change from the record breaking highs we've had for the past 4 days.

Hope everyone has a great Monday, if that's possible!
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There must be something going on today, b/c is pretty dead here too. The phones have hardly rang at all. Thats a good thing though, b/c it lets me do other things. Hubby and I are going to his mom's later so hubby can hook up her new computer. Besides that and hitting the gym, I am going to relax tonight.
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My weekend is over!!
I don't want to go back to work already! I need more time to rest!
At least I got to go out and spend time with the better half!(and the cats of course!) But I still don't want to go back! PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEE don't make me! LOL!
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Grrr! I am so ready to kill my boss today! We recently received a new piece of equipment, and need to be trained on it. Because of the number of people ordering this machine, and because the company hasn't hired any more trainers, it will take a week and a half to get one of the two trainers we need out here. Granted, we paid a LOT of money for this thing, but so did everyone else who bought them. However, that is not acceptable to my boss. He wants us to be trained NOW, or he will return the machine. Two problems with that: this is a piece of equipment that loses over half its value as soon as its crate is opened, so we will NEVER get all of the money back. Also, although he thinks that he will achieve his goals by screaming and yelling, all it does is make the people I have to deal with even less likely to help. Grrr!

Sorry for the rant. I hope everyone has a better day than I'm having!
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Well, its 3:50 in the afternoon. I finished my classes at one and then came here. I had a pretty good weekend. Rented three movies. Shrek(spanish version), An American Tale Three, and The Neverending Story. The Neverending Story is one of my favorites. I love Falco the luckdragon the best.

I didn't take my children to teh zoo because it rained most of the weekend and there are no buses on Sunday. So we played in the yard and I introduced my children to a popular Mexican game called Loteria(lottery). This version is not the kidn were you buy tickets and maybe win money. This game is a spanish version of Bingo. But instead of Numbers and letters, there are pictures. And they come with cards with the same pictures. Its kind of hard to explain but it is a fun game!
My mother brought me some stuff from Mexico. One of them are gumdrop like candy with rum in it. Really good.

Its pretty cool today. Just right for me. It stopped raining although Saturday with had wind, thundr, rain, and a weather advisory all day.

Have a great day!
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Alicia - I just saw Shrek this weekend too! I liked it. I loved how it poked fun at all the Disney movies and fairytales.

Loteria!!! A friend of mine, who also learned Spanish at one time or another (I taught basic Spanish for a while), has that game. It is a lot of fun! Of course, we play a more "adult" version, where it's turned into a drinking game. If you don't have the object, you have to drink.
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Thank god it's Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know most of you are saying "MONDAY....IS HE CRAZY????"" But see, Sandie comming home from Cape Code to after being gone all weekend.
I spent the entire weekend with the love of our lives.. our precious Kylee... you know our 8 year old going on 30.

It was like the commercial where the wife goes to one day sale and the father is left home with the child.... Saying "Where IS your mother......WHERE is your mother......"

I dont want ya'll thinking that I dont love the little one, cuz you know I do, but men are just not cut out spend that long a period of time with 8 year old girls....

Thank god it's monday!

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Hmm, must be all those after effects from those high school days.....
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Heheheh Naw I think those have long been discharged from my system, ia least I "think" they have..

We really did have a good time though, we went to the new star wars movie, and OMG it was so funny cuz she wanted to buy her stuff with her own money, so she bought her own ticket and popcorn and stuff, and actually counted to make she she was given the right amount of change. She was so proud of herself.... I was even more proud.

Im not sure im really happy with all this growing up and being independant thing though..

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LOL! Oh baby, it gets worse from here!
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