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respiratory infection??

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I brought my sphynx kitten home yesterday and noticed that he was breathing a bit raspy. Upon checking on him today it is louder and he is sneezing alot as well. The breeder told me the sneezing is nothing to worry about as long as there is no mucous around his nose. I don't know about this, I've NEVER heard a cat breathing before. I think he needs to go to the vet already
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Yes he does need to be seen by a vet. I would call the breederand let her know the cat is sick. She should be responsible for the vet bill if she included a bill of health stating the kitten was in good health.Take him as soon as possible kittens can go down hill quickly. If they can't smell their food due to the cold then they will stop eating and drinking.
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I agree Yvonne, get him to a vet and the breeder should be responsible for the cost. Also, you don't want Diego to get sick as well - I'd ask if Diego can get sick too. Did you name him Blueberry?

I'll be antsy waiting to hear how he is.
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I took him to the vet today and he is now on anti biotics. There was no fever and there was no lesions in his mouth or chest congestion. Its just nasal. He didn't eat last night as far as I knew but my hubby told me that he did nibble last night after I went to bed. When I took him to the vet she opened a can of Eukanuba for him and tried to feed him from a spoon but he ran straight to the can and started to gorge!lol Another thing that concerned me was that the vet thought the kitty had an accelerated heart rate. This will be checked again on thursday. In the meantime I am to give him one dose of anti biotics every day. Hopefully, this will clear up.
I am a bit worried because the breeder, who is very reputable and well known, had forgotten the contract at home. She said it would be mailed to me when she got home. She met me close to my home as she is at a cat show in Kitchener this weekend. She said that if the cat died she would replace him. She went as far as to say that the contract states coverage for up to a year but she is willing to cover accidental deaths as well further than just one year. She did say that res. inf. are simply colds and that people panic about them but they are normal and also she threw in a comment about customers that complain about sick cats are being unrealistic because it is not unnatural for a cat to get sick and it isn't her responsibility. this was all fyi type of talk and I thought it was odd that she should mention those points. I forgot to mention that I could hear the cat breathing when I picked him up and pointed that out to the breeder but she said he was just sniffing and a little nervous. I noticed her other show cat was doing the same thing so I let it go at the time and trusted her judgement. It was not until I got home that I noticed it had increased in volume and he was sneezing out some mucous.
at the moment he is sleeping in his own room. I go in and give him some attention but he seems very sleepy and low energy right now.
With all this going on I'm still happy to have him. He is soo cute, he puts his wee little arms around me and suckles my collar bone too precious!
I hope this is just a minor cold and that his heart rate will be normal the next time it is checked.
Yosemite, I can't name him Blueberry because my hubby hates it and is calling him Berry instead which is driving me NUTS!!!lol I'll have to think on this one for awhile, maybe his personality will help me come up with a suitable name.
here is a pic of him in his tent all sleepy...
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Awwww, what a cutie! However, I'm sorry your baby's already sick. Once the antibiotics get into his system and he starts eating, his energy level will pick up. I knew my kitty was feeling better when she started grooming herself.

I'm wondering if the elevated heart rate might be caused by the URI.

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Awww, what a little sweetie. Sending healing vibes to make him all better really, really soon. Once he is better and all calmed down, we'll try to get up to see you if you don't mind a Sunday afternoon quick visit. We'll call first of course.
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WHat a little cutie ... sending some get well quick vibes
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She sure is cute.I do hope its just a simple cat cold and the antibiotics help quickly.
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thanks for the kind words and good vibes, he is more active this evening but still sounds very gurgley in his nose. He's been eating alot as well and drinking water too so that should be a good sign.

Yosemite, that sounds great, just give us a couple days heads up so we can make sure to be around
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Sounds like he's congested. Have you put a vaporizor in his room? That helped my kitty tremendously when she had an URI. If you don't have a vaporizor, put him in a carrier and take him into the bathroom with you when you shower. The steam will help break up that gunk in the nose.

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thanks for that tip Stephanie, I will put him in the bathroom when I shower tomorrow I know that the steam from a hot shower helps me when I'm sick so it will probably give him relief too.
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Stephanie gave you good advice about the shower.
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