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Michael Buble'

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Anyone know of him? Theres alot of people that have never heard of this artist, but i think he is just amazing. He is not the cutest in the world, but his voice/singing makes him so dang "wantable"....he does alot of santra songs etc.--

Anyways last year i went to his concert in Memphis, TN under the stars, picnic and drank wine...it was so romantic and classy. I thought i'd never be able to see him again because he is so world-renowned. Anyways i found out that he is coming it Little Rock, Arkansas....i am so thrilled to see him again.

Are there any other big fans on here of him?
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I just saw a video of his the other night on tv. I think it was a Sinatra remake - one of those classy old-time tunes anyways. I really liked it! I'm sure he'd be great in concert.
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I'm sorry I find him whiny and annoying...but thats just me
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I don't own any of his CD's but I do like him...he reminds me of Dean Martin and Sinatra
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Yup, I've heard of him. He's a Canadian boy. Elliot(AI) sang one of his songs.

He's really taking off now. I think he's alright, but he's not my fav.
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I love Michael Buble!! I bought one of his CDs and I love his version of the Lou Rawls song, not sure of the exact title, something like "you'll Never Find" and the Van Morrison song "Moondance" I first saw him on a concert type show on public televison and I went right out and bought the CD, its in regular rotation in my car, cause I can sing along there
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Our daughter was a fan of his from the beginning (she's 25). I like him and his sound but couldn't take too much of him.
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I even have his christmas CD he put out a couple of years ago.
He was featured on the tv show "60 minutes" a couple-three years ago and I went on picked up his 1st CD then.
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I've got his CD - really catchy and jazzy tunes! Makes me want to dance and strut my stuff around the living room
Actually me and my bf had seen him on a tv show and when we got to the media store the next time, we bought the album
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I like to get in the tub and listen to him....or sit on the porch with a beverage...hes relaxing to me.

When my mother and i were at the hospital, i'd sneak her out to the car so she could smoke. I'd play that cd for her and she loved the song "home" which happens to be the only one hes actually written...but the song came on and she said "i wanna go home" and had this sad look on her face. So the cd means more to me now.

Little did she know, 4 hours later she was sent home hospice. She got what she wanted....she got to home...and died where she wanted.....home!
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I like Micheal Buble... I don't have any of his cds though, except the sound track to "Down With Love" (I LOVE that movie) which he has some stuff on. Some of his songs I don't like much, but I do really like his voice. *grin*
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