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When does TOO MUCH sleep become a bad thing....?

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Jackson, He's an amazing cat, and I have been reading some posts in regards to cats that possibly or are depressed...My situation is somewhat the same

Jackson, well his age is uncertain, but the vet said he is roughly 1!!! He is quite an active cat, when he wants to play he definatley does, But... On the other hand he sleeps much more than playing. From what I understand it is normal for a kitty to sleep more than play.

Jackson will sleep (from what I know) the whole day from 7:00am when I and my boyfriend leave for school and work, until roughly 4:00pm. I do know that cats are up at nite, and sleep during the day. This is not the case for Jacko!

Jackson is lively for the first 1-2 hours when we come home, and other than that is is laying in the Lazy-boy or sleeping in it. And usually, he will sleep the whole nite and the odd time I hear him get up to have a snack!

This may be VERY normal, but I just thought a younger cat would be more active?

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

Thank-you VERY much...

Jayme and Sleeeepy Jackson
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Actually that sounds totally normal. Most cats will sleep the majority of the time their humans are gone, and you don't know what he's doing when you're both gone, so don't assume he's just sleeping-- he's probably not. Probably most of the time, but not the whole time.
Cats can sleep up to 20 hours a day and it be normal. It's only worrisome when they suddenly change their sleeping habits (more or less) or seem lethargic even when they are up. For instance, if you get out his favorite toy, does he come running and play like usual? If so, what you have on your hands is a cat who naps. And so, a cat.
They're also diurnal, not nocturnal, which is the biological reason for their sleep habits. They are meant to hunt in the dusk and the dawn in the wild, and so that would be the only time they're awake-- nighttime is too dangerous and they can't see as well as some other nocturnal predators, and daytime is sleepytime too because their prey is also sleeping or has other advantages. This is why cats are rarely awake. Also, being obligate carnivores, these sleep patterns also make sense. Most carnivores, in nature, sleep a majority of the time because 1)meat takes a lot more energy to digest and store and 2)they need to conserve energy for the next hunt because meals are often few and far between. A really good example of this is the alligator. Or other big cats.

Have fun cuddling with your sleepy baby!
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Well, I dont think its abnormal either. As mentioned earlier he may be awake when you are gone. My cat just laid down most of time sometimes looking out the windowor other times just resting. I mean what else is there for them to do?
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Thank-you so much for all of that information. He is not lethargic by any means when he awake! Which is a good thing. When the favorite toy come out he more thn happy to have a good play session!

Again thank-you so much, It is good to know that Jackson sleep pattern is normal!

He is very cuddley! I love him to pieces.


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That sound exactly like my Rambo...and especially so right before he had these growth spurts. I called it his teenage lazes...he gets so he just wants to eat and sleep, then he has a growth spurt and starts being more normal Rambo. Maybe yours is just getting ready for some growing!
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