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My Mom's baby kitten

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A couple few weeks ago my sister brought my mother a baby kitten (approx. 2 weeks old).

A neighbor of my sister had a stray cat have kittens under her house and the mom kept dropping off this one kitten on her front porch (the lady is a drug addict and was just going to put the kitten back at the entrance to the crawl space).

My sister convinced her to let her have the kitten cause she knew the mother would just put the kitten back out of the 'nest'.

I think I know the reason why...

The kitten is doing well considering. But she's got mad diarrhea and her left eye is all dischargey and yucky looking. I told my mom she needs to take the kitten to the vet (she can afford it my folks have money--they just are stingy).

What ticks me off is that the other day we went over to my folks and my mom had the kitten in a plastic box outside in the heat all day.

They don't like keeping their cats in the house (they keep their adult cats locked up in the garage at night).

Why they even have pets I don't know.

But here's a picture of the little thing, my mother named her but I can't remember her name.

I mean she is cute.....but I know a mother cat only pushes a kitten out if something is wrong with it. That picture was taken a couple of weeks ago...she's bigger now.

Is there any ideas that could possibly be wrong with her (that might enable me to prompt my mother to take her to the vet).


Eye discharge

I believe she is eating and drinking okay. Again she isn't my kitten she's my mom's.
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Sounds like she has worms and that she also has a URI or an eye infection. She really needs a vet to look at the eye to determine if the kitten needs meds.

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Yeah I know. My folks are some of the most irresponsible pet owners.

They also have a dog they keep pinned up in the way back of the backyard (when my husband went over there to do yard work he let the doggie out so he could run around some cause my folks weren't home).

And they wonder why their pets aren't as friendly as mine.

My kitties love attention. It's cause we spend alot of time with them and treat them like family.
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I'm not an expert by any means, but shouldent a 2 week old kitten be drinking Kitten Formula? I no my kittens didnt really stop nursing until they were 5-8ish weeks, and were eating food/water around 4-5 weeks

How big was the plastic box? How you said it, it really doesnt sit right with me did she have food and water while in the box?

Is it possible for you to take the kitten at all?

And I agree, I think that they should bring the kitten in as soon as possible to get her checked out *nods*
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Sounds like you need to rescue that poor baby! If he is that young, he needs milk!! And just to sit him outside in a box, in the HEAT?? I mean come on....isnt that considered cruel? I am sorry, but I would be taking that kitten away-real quick! He also needs to be seen by a vet. Please keep us updated, and good luck.
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Yeah that's sound cruel to me too. I'm no expert by any means either, but I think it should probably have kitten milk and definitely a visit to the vet. If your mom can't take care of the kitten tell her to take it somewhere it can get a good home.
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She is over 2 weeks old now, prolly 4-5 weeks I figure by this point.

No way I can take her unfortunately. And I don't need another fight with my folks. She wasn't outside today but I do consider her being out in the heat like that considerably cruel. I didn't see her at all today and with so many people being at the house I wasn't going to ask.

I'll probably ask about the kitten tomorrow. See how she is doing. I am hoping my mom took her to the vet already.....but I just don't know.

Both my husband and I were both shocked to find her outside in the heat earlier this week. She had food/water and a litter box.

I saw my mom had KMR at her house....but am not sure how often she is feeding her and what not.....((I know with Mr Hobbes, we took him in at 9 days old and he was bottle fed for several weeks))--he was a feral cat's baby we took care of till he was old enough to find a home.
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Maybe your sister can let mom know to get the kittens out of the sun... Maybe the sister can take it SOrry am no help...
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ugh call the vet she need the pink liquid my kittens got its an eye infection and she mightbe wormy. shes adorable i love absolutly love white kittens feed her goats milk too in the can its at walmart or ingles
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You should take the kittens... You know that you want another one! lol-of course, you should make sure that you bring it to the vet and that it's healthy before letting it meet with your other pets!
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