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I'm so terribly sorry you are going through this now. I hope in time the pain will lessen for you and you will remember the happier times with your angels. Rest in peace sweet Jules.
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I am so sorry for your loss of Jules. How hard this month has been for you and Tybalt. I don't think there are any words I can say that will ease your pain. Just know that you all are in my prayers.
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~RIP Jules~
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Oh my goodness Sue thats so tragic. What a month this has been for you both I'm so pleased your not giving up on the other kitts though

Enjoy playing over the bridge Jules, you'll have lots of new friends to play with over there
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I'm so sorry about all of your recent losses. You must feel overwhelmed right now. I hope other kitties bring you comfort.
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I am sorry for your pain. I feel for your loss. I pray that God will ease the suffering on your heart. No word I can offer will help you feel better... i know but i wanted to try anyway soo.. I spent some time on Meowornever to try to find a word or two from your own expiences that may help your pain.
I know you are strong enough to endure this trial of emotions.

But when i went to your webspace,
all i see are SO many happy little faces in your care. The more i spent time on your site, the more kitties I saw. Buffy, Picket and Dodger are quite the trio and what a handfull they had to be. Angel is BEAUTIFUL, and her grey and white kitten looks just like my girl Sleeves when she was a kit.
Not to mention the success stories. So many happy adoptions, Giligan, Stormy, Magic. Pixie PLUS her kitties.

Joles was a handsome tiger. What a happy face he has in every picture. I am sure the remainder of your days you will remember him. He was a furangle taken early. With his legacy he has left a horde of lucky cats who will try and fill his paws in your heart.
He would have only truely suffered if he had not come into your care.

Thank you so much for the many lives you have rescued and futures you have given.
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I am so sorry to hear this. I know this is a hard time for you but we are here for you at TCS!!

RIP Jules
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Sue, sorry to hear you lost Jules - I know he was one of the originals and must be very very special to you. Big hugs to you and Tybalt too!
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I'm so sorry for your loss.... (((HUGS)))
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Sue, I'm also sorry for your recent losses. It does seem too much to take on. I'll be thinking of you and Tybalt during this difficult time.
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However many cats we have, each one is special. I am so sorry to hear about Jules, on top of all your other losses. You have had a stressful time all round lately. I pray it gets better and you find strength to deal with this bad time.
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I'm so very sorry for all of your losses, what a horrible situation to be in. But I hope you are happy that he died in your loving arms, I couldn't think of a better way to go.
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Just wanted to let you know that I am still thinking of you in your many losses. Rest in peace Jules, Cole, Arthur and Bonnie. And of course, dear Ulysses.

Hugs and head bonks all around to the rest of the furries!
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I can sort of related in a way to how you are feeling.

Starting last year I lost my one childhood dog of 16 years (Buster), then six months later I lost my soul mate kitty of 19 years (Amber), my husband lost 2 of his childhood animals (Sterling and Nitshke), then this year my parents lost their two remaining animals a cat and dog (Smokey and Jake). The dog Jake coming the most recent two weeks ago. We had to put him to sleep with out my parent there, who were on vacation in FL. When they left he was fine, it was a huge blow to them. But, it was what they wanted.

All of the animals were 15 plus years old. I did not lose them all in succession and in such a rapid time period as you. But as I am writing this there are no animals that I grew up with alive. I am worried that in another twenty years this pattern will repeat itself as we have started to get more animals again, they too will all be around the same ages. I'm sorry I have went off on a long misguided post, but I just wanted you to know that I am here for you and send you my prayers!
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Thank you all for all your kind words and thoughts. They really mean the world to us. We are moving on emotionally, but both of us still break down from time to time; me over Arthur, Tybalt over Jules. I dreamed of Arthur the other night and woke up sobbing.

Thank you again, hugs to you and headbonks from the crew.
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I just wanted to add my's horrible to lose one beloved cat, but to lose so many...I just can't imagine how heartbroken you must be!

Your Jules was a beauty (I have a special weakness for orange tabbies! ) and he looked so happy. Please remember that he--and your other furbabies--are happy BECAUSE OF YOU. You gave them all a wonderful home, unending kindness and total love. No kitty could ever want for more than that. They were blessed to be loved by you.

God bless you for your kindness to these furbabies--and may He comfort you in your time of loss. And please please do not torture yourself thinking that poor Jules was in pain--as someone else said, he died in your arms, and that must have been an enormous comfort to him. And now he, and your other babies who have crossed the Bridge, will never know anything but joy and happiness.

RIP, sweet kitties. Jules, Cole, Arthur, Bonnie, Ulysses
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I'm soo sorry for your loss. But, i bet Jules is in heaven smiling down on you- you gave him a wonderful home and a wonderful life! He was one lucky kitty to have you.I've lost animals before as well, if you ever need to talk about it, please let me know, i'd be happy to lend a listening ear
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I know your heart is breaking. Hugs to you.
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Sue, my heart is breaking for you. It is too much to bear! All I can do is send as many hugs as I can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) )

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Originally Posted by wookie130
May Jules join the rest of his clan happily over the Rainbow Bridge, so that he can frolic in tall grass and play again in peace.
How beautful and perfect.

Play happily at the bridge together, little ones.
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sorry for your loss
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I am so terribly sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace, sweet Jules.
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oh Sue! I am so sorry! You are a wonderful mama and you've been here with the TCS family a very long time~~ my heart is breaking for you. When I lost Sasha in May after 14 years, it was devastating. When I lost Freddie and SiSi (my best friend and Sasha's mama) within 5 months of each other, I wanted to go along with them, I could not cope. I felt as if I was in a very dark, bad place that wouldn't stop. I do know how you feel, even if I just had 1/2 of what you just lost. All I can say, is that heaven must have needed them in a hurry. There must be a need for really cool cats in some particular place in the world to provide comfort to other cats. I am here if you need me.
Peace and love,
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