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Cat afraid of bees

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I thought my Neko was losing her mind yesterday morning, she was on the windowsill and all of a sudden she flew off, landed with a thud, raced through the living room into the dining room, out to the kitchen, down the hall to my bedroom, feet just skittering on the hardwood, then back into the living room where she made a sound at me, then flew back to the kitchen again and back to another windowsill where she made angry faces at nothing in the hall. Freaked me out, I thought she was seeing ghosts or something. This was very atypical for her, she is 11 and mostly walks a few feet and flops over to present her stomach for rubbing. no high wire acrobatics for this one. Then she went to lie down on the rug to sleep and she was kind of whimpering in her sleep. I went over and looked on the floor by the window and found a very dead bee. I don't think it stung her, I think it was already dead and scaredy cat remembered being an outdoor kitten and what happens when you play with bees
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Did you look at her paws? maybe swat at it and stung her.That happens to my cats.
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My 10 year old Stumpy just had a recent encounter with a wasp. He went to eat it and it stung his mouth. We found this out when his mouth and face swelled and he started to drool. He was very subdued for a few days (and yes, we did bring him to a vet to check it out).

Perhaps she did get stung and it hurts. If you can get her quiet and do a complete physical exam of her you may want to try that. Check her paws and mouth if nothing else. If you find a sting, keep a close watch on the place to make sure it isn't swelling to much - I don't know if cats can be allergic to bee stings. We brought Stumpy in when his face swelled and he started to drool from his sting.
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From her actions I WOULD say she was stung. Remember bees die after they sting you. The fact that the bee was dead when you saw it doesn't mean it was dead when the cat started freaking out.

IMO that kind of action would mean she did get stung!
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