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Chloe, Kinko, and Jeffrey

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These are pics of my two babies and the cat I rescued on New Year's Eve. I'll post pics of the two Charlies once I get them scanned (no digital camera back then!).

Sorry it's a little pic heavy, I'm a proud mommy, can you tell?!?!

Kinko (left) and Chloe (right) the night we got them. They were rescue kitties: a co-worker found them during a particularly rainy season and the mother did not return for them after a couple of days. The local shelter said they would probably end up as reptile food as they could not afford/have time to care of them. No way!!! So Bobby and I adopted two of the six. These two were huddled together and were the only two that looked alik. Little did I know fluffy=long haired. Hee! I think they may be part Main Coon as they have a few of the characteristics (big paws, chirpy meow). What do you think?



And recent photos of them:



Jeffrey was a cat that my husband found this past New Year's Eve. He was so friendly that we were sure that he must belong to someone who maybe had gone on vacation as he was wandering around and was a little underweight. We fed him and put a cat bed outside for him to keep him from the cold. After a few days of staying with us (and noticing he was not spayed) to the point of him coming inside our house and hanging out we decided to catch him and at least get him fixed/tested/and given his shots. We kept him at the vets for a few days (Chloe didn't like him) and nobody ever seemed to miss him. I took him to my aunts, nobody ever claimed him, and now he's a happy/spoiled little boy full of mischief!

Hope you enjoyed the pics!
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They are breath-takingly beautiful cats. I'm not sure how about them being Maine Coon (Chloe looks a bit more so than than Kinko, but since they're littermates, neither are probably Maine Coon)...but they're lovely tabby domestic long-haired cats, for sure!

And Jeffrey's coat pattern is lovely with it's dark swirls...I believe that's the "mackeral" pattern, but I could be wrong. It's one of my favorite tabby patterns, anyway.


(The wild-eyed picture of Chloe attacking the paper as a kitten is absolutely hysterical!!!)
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They are all beautiful! I love that one of the toilet paper attack Thats so funny, the way her eyes look. Oh and a shelter told you they would be reptile food?? What!!?? I have never ever heard of such a thing-thats awful. So glad you rescued them.
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Yes, now that the kittens were given a chance to grow and thrive into beautiful adult cats, put them in the same room as some reptiles, and we'll see who the REAL predators are!!!! j/k, of course.

Everyone deserves a chance...especially the kittens that end up in garbage bags, cardboard boxes, dumpters, doorsteps, shelters, rivers, what have you. Every animal can shine when given love!

Bless you for saving these 3 angels. They are eternally grateful to you!
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What beautiful pictures of beautiful cats.

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Oh no matter what they are there just Beautiful, they look so Sweet also
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awwww they are precious! I love their eyes, all fluffy and soft
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What darlings!! They are so beautiful!!
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They are absolutely adorable!! I would love to give them all a big kiss! I'm in love with Jeffrey though , so glad to hear you rescued all of these precious babies.
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Your cats are fabulous! thanks for sharing.
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Awwwww just look at those cherubs
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