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Ear mites

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As often as I clean out Syl's ear's, the ear mites seem to have out done me. I was just curious... if there a good OTC type of medication I can buy from Petco or Petsmart that works well? I'm weird about giving him meds not administered by the vet, but they really seem to be bothering him now. If it comes about that I can't get a real good recommendation, I'll just wait until next week when I have the extra money and take him to the vet. I was just hoping at least for now there might be a mildly cheaper solution that will get rid of the disgusting little creatures. Thanks a lot in advance!
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Honestly no.... I tried everything with Skittles nothing worked then he gave me this stuff and boom 3 days gone and she had them so bad...I would get it from the vet...
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I've been playing around with quite a lot of different formulas for the good part of 30 years. They all work well. I think the key is to smother the mites.

Here are 3 good solutions for you and your pet:

Look up the word "Yellow dock" make it into luke warm syrup and put into the ear. Give ear 1 dose once per day for 4 days.

Look up the word "Colloidal silver", obtain it. Put a few drops into the ear. Give ear 1 dose once per day for 4 days.

This one you purchase called McKillips Solution. It also reduces inflammation, works by drying out mites, yeast, fungus, and bacteria. Give ear 1 dose once per day for 4 days.

I've tried quite a few others, but this will get you started. All of these have worked for me very well.

I will also carefully and safely use a swab to dab around in the ear at a safe shallow distance. This procedure is not recomended by many because they fear sticking the swab in to deep. I just use it to try and wipe a little.

Good luck.
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I know this might sound like a stupid question, but what does an ear mite look like in a cats ear?
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It looks like dark brown crust inside the ear. Sort of like brown sugar.
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