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Is this normal

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I have 5 adult cats, however they love to eat kitten food. We can't take it away from them as they will beg for it if their dish of it is empty.
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transition it with the adult food just like making a food change... Also they will eat it if you put it down... They might be stubborn but eventually they get the hint this or nothing
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I agree with momof3, add adult food to it until they are on adult. If they beg, just ignore it.
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It is normal as Kitten food has more fat so it tastes better ... How old are you cats and what are they eating >>>/??
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And also are any of them overweight? That would be very important because the kitten food is probably the root of the weight problems.

If their dish is empty do you mean you take away their food and don't give them a different one? Is it wet or dry? Do you freefeed or mealfeed?
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I've compared the ingredients of over 20 brands of cat and kitten foods on a spread sheet once as a project.

Something I found interesting was that many kitten foods were the same nutritionally as their adult food of the same brand. The difference was in the size of the kibble.
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Try mixing the kitten food with adult food for a week and keep adding more of the adult and less of the kitten food.
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I agree with what has been said here, Kitten food is only good for kittens, or pregnant/nursing momma cats, otherwise your adult kitties are just going to gain weight. Mix the kitten and adult food until there is no more kitten food in the bowl.
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