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Originally Posted by katspixiedust
Just out of curiosity, why wouldn't the ocean make sense?
It just looked out of place in my vision.
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I saw a bunny and I tried to walk up to it to pet it. It was a large house with no fence and a pretty yard. Not really a mansion but what I guess you would call farmhouse (??) wrap around front porch, two stories, bay windows, chimminy, white trim with shutters, a light bluish gray.

My dinning room was part of my kitchen and it had food on it, and flowers in the middle.

It was a glass coffee mug which I picked up.

My house is apparently ocean front property, of which I decided I would need a boat to cross (where too? china?)

Oh and I misread the first question, i thought it said you are walking in the woods alone, who are you with. so i said myself Does it count if I cant read?
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I was walking with my friend Catherine - although she is a very important person in my life, she isn't the most important and I said I'd leave her - (leave the glass)


very interesting! I would only paddle during the water too!
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Funny that Rune and I should ahve "Drowning" by Backstreet boys playing as we did that quiz......
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Those are fun to do! My house was a modest log cabin in the woods. It had a big dirty pond out back which I happily dove in and swam across!
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