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Oh Catarina! What a cute story!! I think baby racoons are so cute! We always have a littler every year in one of the hollow trees near our house....I love to look up at them, and watch them play....but our dog killed most of them last year when they finally ventured out of the tree. I was so upset!!! I cried and scolded him, but I am afraid it may happen this year too. I can't tie the dogs up just because of the coon, my hubby would have a fit....he says it's good the dogs got them, or else they would be in the garden.

I just have too soft a heart I guess.
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Guess I should maybe post a funny story now....to get back on the subject of this thread (sorry my mind wanders...lol)

Merlin got his head stuck one time in the rungs on the back of the kitchen chair.....he was terrified! So was I until I got him unstuck! But it was still funny to see the look on his face when it happened, and he didn't get hurt at all, so I still consider it a funny story! Needless to say...it never happened again!!!
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