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Funniest Story

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What is the funniest story involving your kitties that you can think of? Or what is the funniest thing that your cat does?

Gimpy loves to watch water. And it is so funny cause when the dishwasher is going, the water will gurgle up in the sink. We have a garbage disposal, so the water actually comes up a little. And he will play with the water, and stick his head in there when it starts. He can be in the living room asleep, and when he hears that sound, he runs as fast as he can to the sink and jumps up on the counter and watches it! And look out if you are in the way! He will bowl you over!!! I dont have any pics of him on this computer, but we do have a scanner and as soon as I can I am going to scan some into here so you can all see my wonderful kitty.

Ok, I just thought of something else. The other night when we went to bed, Gimpy was on my husbands back, and he stuck his nose in his ear and licked it. I laughed so hard...my husband was asleep and didnt know!! I told him the next morning and he laughed too. K, I will go now and if I think of anymore I will post them. Yall may get tired of reading them!! LOL
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Wylie once got mad when I wouldn't share popcorn with him so he jumped over to the side table and looked me right in the eye and pushed my drink over, and ran.
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I have a young kitty named Bookey who loves water dripping just as your cat Gimpy. First I must explain that Bookey is a little slow, but very loving. She can't help the fact that she is the product of inbreeding betweeen brother and sister Handsome and Smokey Josephina. It is my fault that I did not have Handsome neutered because I did not realize that he could get his sister pregnant at the early age of 4 mos. I did not know that Smokey was pregnant; she stayed so tiny and only had the one kitten and that one she crawled into an old bookbag/backack and we found it the next morning when we heard it meowing; so that is why she is named Bookey(born in a bookbag) She also goes by the name of Squirrel Girl because she is grey shorthair all over except for a fuzzy (squirrel type) tail, but then,it makes sense because the father is a longhair who resembles a Maine coon cat. All my animals are fixed now so that "accident" will not happen again. As I said Bookey loves to watch faucets drip, or listen to toilets fill or washers swish or anything that has to do with water. (even loves to watch rain sheet down window panes) We have an old-fashioned bath tub on legs that takes a long time to fill and she likes to perch on the edge and watch, but once when I opened the door, as the tub was filling; she miss judged her jump, and, added to the slippery wetness of the rim, she couldn't stop fast enough and ended up dunking herself completely in warm soapy, water. She was so surprised it took her awhile to exit. (looking like a drowned rat). This stopped her fascination for water, briefly.
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The funniest thing Fergus does is hide under stuff and hit us as we walk by. We call him the "coup counter,'" because he looks so proud after a successful coup.
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We did have a dog named Hooch. My husband loathed him, so we no longer have him :O( but anyway, Gimpy used to do "drive bys" on Hooch. Hooch would be sleeping on the couch, and Gimpy would be in his wildman mode, and run as fast as he could and smack Hooch and run. Hooch would just look at him and go back to sleep. It was sooo funny!!!

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My little one opened the Fridge door just to get to the chicken inside. Mind you he was only 8 months at the time.
Had to tie the freezer door to the fridge door so he could not get it open anymore. You should have seen my face when I saw him do that - my jaw literally dropped to the floor.
Amzing aren't they.
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My cat buttons likes to come up from behind and pull my hair. I don't know why she does this but it is really funny. I can be sleeping too and she will just bite it and actually pull on it.
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My cats love to jump in the empty laundry basket and meow for rides. My husband and I will push them around the house, and sometimes have races!! As soon as we say "who wants to ride the train" they all come running!! Gotta love them!
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My little brat Joey does so many funny things that it's hard to think of just one. Sometimes, he plays "NASCAR". He gets to running around the house and comes tearing into the living room at full speed. I have this big sectional sofa, and he literally banks off the turn on the back cushions at breakneck speed.
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I think the funniest thing I have seen any of my cats do was the time Toby was playing in a shopping bag. He started to run away and the handle was around his neck so the bag "followed" him. The expression on his face was priceless ! Needless to say, we do not let them play with shopping bags if we are not around to keep them from getting caught and injured by the handles!
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Oh my gosh... that got me laughing pretty hard.

I have a story but it is about my boyfriends Bengal cat. Yes my kitty does a lot of things that is funny but this story was too priceless not to tell.

One day James opened the fridge grabbed an item and shut the door. We were standing by the counter when a few seconds later we heard this loud growling. It was coming from the fridge!! You could hear glass breaking and things falling. We tried to open the door but it was jammed from the items falling against it. Monte thought we were playing with him so he started attacking James' hand. needless to say we had to take the fridge door off to get the little boy out. Everything was in shambles. The shelves were broken and any glass jar was destroyed. You'd think Monte would be terrified of the fridge but NO... he still tries to jump in any chance he gets.
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I'll brag about Maggie any chance I can get! Her favorite toy in the whole world is a "home-made" tin foil ball. She plays soccer with it and fetch for hours on end.

The other day I heard a lot of commotion in my bathroom. I went to check it out and there was Maggie playing soccer in the bathtub! She bats it around the edges and goes in circles. It cracks me up! Sometimes she just chases her tail in there. It's her favorite spot to watch me get ready in the morning.
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When we first got Quinn, we also got a beautiful black kitty who we named "Jules." Unfortunately, we had to take Jules back, because we found out our lease only allowed one cat Stupid on my part for not looking first.. he was really beautiful. We kept Quinn because he was so warm and affectionate and playful.. Jules didn't really seem too interested in us.

Anyway.. Jules would be sitting there, minding his own business.. We would see Quinn across the room, hunching down, getting ready to attack him. Right before he would, he'd wiggle his butt a few times in preparation.. then he would spring forward as far as he could, hoping to land on Jules. Problem was, he never actually made it far enough to pounce on him. He would make it within a foot, then, embarassed, would walk the rest of the way to Jules and attempt to start beating him up. It was hilarious.
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Oh I have so enjoyed reading all these posts!!! I got a good laugh out of several of them!!
Merlin is always doing something funny....he also likes to play catch, and it is sooo cute!
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Hey Kaaren,

My cat Marina Mar is very nosey. She also got a bag with the handles caught around her neck. It took me 10 minutes just to get to her because she kept running around the apartment trying to get the bag off her neck. The look of terror on her face was unmistakable. I felt bad for her. It happened at 2 a.m. and I ended up cleaning canned cat food, water and dry food off my walls, kitchen floor, etc. From that point on, I no longer keep bags with handles out.

My cat MooShoo fell into the toilet a couple weeks back. He thought the lid was down and came to visit me in the bathroom after my shower. It had been flushed, but Moo, being a hairless cat, was stunned at how cold the water was. I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

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I nearly fell off the chair at the toilet story! What a riot!
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I'm glad to see that Smitty is not the only cat in the world that plays "Superman" as he runs around the house with his cape on (plastic bag with handle stuck around his neck). We now have cloth grocery bags. They are not only safer for the cats, but better for the environment as well.
Anyone whose cats like plastic (everyone, in other words), try this supervised play game. Smitty likes to burrow to the bottom of a big bag of styrofoam peanuts. When he decides to come out...he has so much static that he drops peanuts in a little trail as he walks around the house!!! Of course, don't let your cats play this game alone, we wouldn't want any cats to suffocate in the bag.
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Speaking of plastic bags, does anyone have a cat that likes to lick them? My little Misty will lick and lick on a plastic bag. I can't imagine what the attraction is but, it is really unnerving to hear this sound in the middle of the night! I don't think it has anything to do with what is in the bag. I can bring a bag home with clothes in it and if I lay it down on the bed for five minutes, she is up on the bed licking the bag.
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My mom's cat, Bailey, will lick anything and everything.
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My 5-year-old cat, Squirt, used to be quite the accomplished lizard hunter when he was an indoor/outdoor guy. Most of the lizards around my house had no tails, as a visible reminder of their encounter with Squirt.

The funniest thing he did on a regular basis was to arrive at home with a lizard in his mouth as a "gift". Being a pretty talkative cat, he would always meow to announce his arrival with prey. Usually these lizards weren't dead, only stunned, so when he opened his mouth to meow, they would jump out and run for their lives. There was always a mad scramble for him to catch it again. He would succeed, and then repeat the whole process again! He never did learn to keep his mouth shut. It was always a riot to watch this little show.

I guess Squirt would never make it in the wild.
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Toby can actually meow without opening his mouth. It is an interesting sound! He will walk around the house with "prey" (aka-stuffed toys) in his mouth making this gutteral rrroowww sound and we know he is bringing us a
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My Joey ALWAYS forgets to open his mouth when he meows, so he is a pretty quiet little guy. When I talk back to him, I keep my mouth closed too!
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My Meathead is just the opposite. He will open his mouth up as wide as he can, but nothing comes out...or sometimes the most pitiful little squeak I've ever heard!
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While trying to train our Bear to stay of the table and counters, we decided to try a "time-out" method. The squirt gun didn`t seem to work for him....he thought we were playing. So, every time we saw him on the dining room table or counter tops we would say "get down!", and put him in the carrier for 10 minutes. One night we had guests, and he was especially pesky. It seems we were forever saying "get down!", and putting him in the carrier. The next morning he jumped up on the table. I shouted,"get down!", but before I could get to him he not only jumped down, but ran into the nearby carrier and sat down. He even pulled on the door, shutting it a little bit.

My very first cat, Rusty, was the apple of my eye. He was just so smart and personable. He used to hide at the side of the door to the living room, and when I would come in he would jump up from behind and smack me on the butt with his paws. When I first got Rusty(he was snatched away from a litter of ferals) he didn`t take to people. Even after he got to trust me, he still hid when I had company. I taught Rusty to sit on command and to extend his paw for a shake when I said the words "how do you do?" He actuaally became very good at it when he found out there were treats involved. I used this as a tool to get him used to people. I would give my guests a can of treats and have them say "how do you do?", and Rusty would extend his paw for a shake every time. Well, if the guest forgot the ritual, Rusty would just sit there by the guests feet patiently with his paw extended. If they didn`t have the manners to greet the TRUE master of the house, he would initiate it. When Rusty was 2 he weighed about 16 lbs. He was a big boy, and he had a lot of treats. At this time we got a little 6 week old kitten, Tigger. He and Rusty used to roughhouse. I was so worried that the big brute, Rusty would hurt the little guy, until one day I really watched them and saw that Tigger initiated it, and Rusty always "fell over" on the floor when Tigger attacked him. It reminded me of when I was a little girl racing my father, and he would let me win.
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Donna! That was so funny about MooShoo and the toilet!!! LOL
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Now I remember to close the lid. The other night I was running the bath water to bathe my two cats for the cat show. MooShoo got on the edge of the tub and put his front feet in the water while his naked butt was sticking up in the air. It was quite a sight. I only wish I could've gotten my camera fast enough. Unfortunately, Kodak moments never last as long as you need them to. And, little did he know, the bath was for him. He-he.
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Squirt goes through this bizarre ritual over black olives. He absolutely loves them! If you give him a black olive off of a pizza, he rolls all over it on the floor forever! He then pounces on it and plays with it. Finally he eats it. Joey just sits there and watches Squirt in confusion. It's the only time he acts completely nuts!
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Tiggeytoes, Love the story about your cat "putting himself in the crate". Sounds like my dog's trick.! Animals are a joy, aren't they! :
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I had a similar bag incident, Donna. Fritzy got a shopping bag handle caught around his neck, and the look of terror was unmistakable, not only on his face, but on mine, thinking what could haave happened if we were not home when it happened. Now we keep things like shopping bags, the plastic rings from six packs of soda or beeraway from our babies. we also make sure the strings from our blinds are cut to prevent tangling/strangling
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These stories are too funny! Deb25 you're kittty's are so much like Opie...(he's a golden tabby with gold eyes) Anyway, this might not be the most funniest story, but one of the most coolest things that have ever happened to me in my life. I have a raccoon that my cats and I have lived with for years. Each year she has a kit...maybe 3 - 5 babies...A lot! So, one day, she came up and wanted me to feed her...she brought the babies..I was so excited...so, I poured the food in a straight horizontal line for all to eat...(raccoon's aren't real friendly towards one another if you feed them too closely) Anyway, I had them all eating, and I laid down in front of them (about 3 feet) to watch...well, one by one my cats each lied down on each side of me! Me right in the middle and three of them on each side! Totally a Kodak moment...where was anyone then!!!! Oh, well, I have lots of stories, but that was too cool not to share!
God Bless You gotta love em all!
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