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Softpaws (DOES MY CAT HATE ME FOREVER?!?!?!?!)

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I used soft paws for the first time tonight on my 9 month old female mau Lulu. Let me tell you it wasn't fun. I have been clipping her nails since she was a kitten and she hisses and spits and bites and growls...you name it even though she loves it when I rub and massage her paws while she is cuddling. But she gets over it and doesnt show any animosity twards me when it is finished. Tonight was a tragic. I shut myself in a small bathroom with her so she would have no where to run and hide and with a lot of struggle, about 5 scratches and 3 puncture wounds I managed to put them on her front feet.

She doesn't seem to mind the soft paws at all but she HATES ME. Everytime I come near her she hisses and growls. Lulu is not a sweet cat by any means, she wont let anyone in my family pick her up or pet her. The extent of her affection is if someone sweet talks her and holds out their hand she will lick it. She is very affectionate with me though and allows me to pick her up and cuddle her, she often comes to me to be pet, she sleeps with me, and follows me around everywhere.

After I was finished with applying the soft paws I gave her a treat of canned tuna which she loves and talked sweetly to her but every time i came near she started to growl. She doesnt run away from me but she hisses and growls whenever I approach and will violently attack my hand if I hold it out passively to her.

Will Lulu hate me forever?? HELP I AM DEVASTATED!
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Probably not. Cats don't hold a grudge for very long. Mine get mad at me all the time, but they get over it.
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There was a person who was going through a similar circumstance. Read through this thread http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=86065 because it had some good pointers. It also ended happily.
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Yeah, I wouldn't be worried... I'm sure you didn't hurt her or anything the process, so she's just bein a little moody I'm sure... i'd continue to offer your hand in love and with treats!

Occasionally, Ollie gets in this weird "Attack mode" for no reason and he'll jump, scratch and bite at me fiercly for no reason whatsoever... well, I just be the mama cat that I am and let him know he's done wrong - some hissing, swatting (without hitting of course, just the action) and sometimes it comes to pinning him on the floor with a hold on his scruff (safely of course - I never put him in danger... I used to be a kennel nurse at a shelter and animal hospital) - anyway the point of this little story is, after I pull my "I'm the mama cat, you will respect me" card, Oliver is obviously mad with me... he'll run off to "think about what he's done" and maybe 10 or 15 minutes later, he comes slinking out with the biggest Puss in Boots eyes, gently head butting, purring and diving near me as if he's understood he's done wrong, has hurt his mama and is sorry.... your girl will come around - next time you have to replace some caps, see if someone can help you: have them hold her on the floor between their legs while she's wrapped tightly in a towel... keep just the paw you are working on out and that should reduce the number of injuries to you!
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