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Nose Bleeds

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*waves* hello everyone. I just found this board this evening. I am the owner of 2 older kitties. I am here today cause Molly who is 6 years old just started sneezing blood a few months ago. It isn't everyday. She does have asthma. I already took her to the vet and they gave her allergy meds. There was no obstruction and he says she is too young for tumors. Now it is just a spray & not a river of blood. When should I get nervous if this keeps up? I can tell when it is a bloody sneeze because there are 3-5 sneezes in a row.

Thanks a bunch
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I did a little research and found the following:

Some of the more common causes of nasal bleeding would be tumors of various sorts, or infections with crytococcus or aspergillus (both are fungi).
However a careful exam to determine the source of the blood, and the condition causing it, is necessary to decide the best course of treatment.

All the best..
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Michele, I'd get a second opinion, especially after reading the info Hell603 posted. Ideally, go to a board certified internist. You should be able to find one in the Philly area at a large animal hospital.

Best of luck to you and Molly - hope everything turns out to be fine.
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I was afraid I would need a 2nd opinion. The reason I haven't gone yet is b/c my Vet is the most recommended Vet in the area. The ER vet does crap and just steals your money. Thanks for your replies.
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