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Iris Pictures Link

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O.K........here is the link to my photo's of our Iris blooming this year, there are just to many pictures to post individually here........so.....for those interested please visit the link below and don't be afraid to leave a comment on the site.


Winter Hawk
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Those are just breathtaking! Iris is my favorite flower, especially the dark purple, almost black ones.
My mom had one in her front yard that was a medium purple, and got darker every time it bloomed until it was almost black. Our yard flooded once, and it floated away, where it settled in the neighbor's yard a few houses down. She waited until they went on vacation, and made me go with her to dig it up in the middle of the night. I was so embarrassed at the time, but now it is a fond memory. Thanks for sharing.
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Those are gorgeous! Your iris garden is breathtaking, like Rebecca said. My mother got those "black" iris' too because she knew that I would like them since my favorite color was always black.
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We have Iris all over the town and it looks so spring to me and purple..
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Your flowers are remarkable! Thank you for such a beautiful sight!
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Oh that is what they are!! I have some beside my house but didn't know what they were. Beautiful flowers that for sure!
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Wow, you have such lovely flowers, and what a variety!!! Thank you for sharing, they're gorgeous!!!
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Those are gorgeous! I really love the peachy ones and the blueish (lite) ones. Very nice!
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