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Need Info For New Kitten

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Hello Everyone
I am new here and I will be getting a 8 Week old Kitten in July 8TH.I will be keeping him in the kicthen but its not that big.does size matter? and would you say a kitten could set off a Infa-red sensor for the alarm cause if it cant It will be able to go in the back room which is much bigger.What age does the kitten have to be until I can let it outside?This is my plan for when It gets older.every morning I will let it out and then In evening I will let it back In.is this routine ok?
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Welcome to TCS!

It's not in the kitty's interest to be outside unsupervised. They run higher risk of many things including getting attacked by larger animals (depending on where you live) or being killed by a car. If its possible keep him indoors most of the time. Don't confine him into one small space, just like us, they get tired of being in one little spot all day long. The cat is most likely gonna want to be around you, kittens love to play and are full of energy, it wouldnt be fair to always keep him in the kitchen.\\

Think of your new pet as a baby, don't do anything to him that you wouldnt do to a child. Make sure you are able to give him proper medical attention if he needs it, proper food, loads of water, LOTS of TLC fresh clean litter all the time. We are all here for you if you need guidance, just make sure ur ready for him.

Hope you enjoy ur new companion!
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I would wait for the cat to be fixed (spayed or neutered) and have all its adult shots before you let it outside. I would suggest you keep it on a leash and harness and do that for a full summer so it knows the smells around your property.

I did that with my 1 year old cat Taffy the first year I got her. I made sure she had all her shots, got her flea/tick program and put a harness and leash on her and lead her around a couple of times a day. I would let her smell all the bushes, flowers, along the boundary of the property and then I got one of those metal dog holders that you screw into the ground and tied her up to that but I was outside when she was there until she was used to it and then I could watch her from a window. Now she goes outside alone with my other 2 year old cat Misty and they just roam in our backyard and our neighbour behind us. They don't like noise, cars so I know they will be away from the roads.

I would not do it when its a kitten as their immune system is not developed yet until they get all their shots for protection and I would wait until they start their yearly shot treatments and have gotten fixed. Cats who are not fixed tend to stray and female cats would get pregnant. Not a good idea when there is an over population of stray cats on the streets.
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On the start of september I will be going out everyday from 8 45-12 50 and 12 10 - 3 50 should he be left inside or can he be out for that time and let in when I get home.The cat will be and outdoors cat and let in in the evening time.and also I have just found out that the kitten while im not there wil be allowed in the kitchen,hall,landing(upstairs),masterbedroom(upstairs),bedroom(upstairs),spare room(upstairs) and the bathroom(upstairs) of course with the toilet covered.How do you stop them from chewing cables?the kitten will not be allowed in the living room because of the leather furniture.I am also getting a cat flap for the kitchen door.
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Bitter apple spray should help with the chewing. About the leather you can just get soft claws which cover the claw so the cat wont do any damage yo any furniture or carpet. You can get them in different places including petco or petsmart, on the web, they all differ in price.

Again, if you live in a busy area where there alre lots of cars, you shouldn't really let the kitty out Unless u are there. Some cats go to the street and when a car comes they get scared and instead of running away they just get low and you know what happens from there. While growing up., alot of cats in my neighborhood had that sad ending. Just be careful! =o)
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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