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Kitten safety

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Okay, I am taking care of 4 orphan kittens. My boy Wawa seems to have accepted them. I am also feeding 2 toms (w/c I have trapped and fixed) who hang around outside. This morning one of them saw one of the kittens and it looked like it was going to pounce on it. Are the kittens safe from the strays? I am thinking that perhaps these strays look at the kittens as Wawa's litter and may try to harm them. What do you think?
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Tomcats can and do kill kittens. I would keep the little ones inside and safe if possible. If not, trap the males and get them neutered. But that still may not keep the kittens safe, depending on the age of the toms and how aggressive they have become. If you have neutered these males, they are no longer toms. But that doesn't mean the kittens are safe from being injured or worse from them.

Strays/ferals act on instinct alone. They can't reason out a situation and figure out how not to do harm to something programmed inside them. They will react instinctively
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Oh, semantics :P We all know she means male cats without their... erm... you know.

Cats fight... fact of life... they can see kittens as threats. I concur with Hissy--you might have just seen them playing; but you never know, and it's better safe than sorry.
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Yes I agree. As they are spayed now the dangers a lot less. So with luck it may have been only some hard playing. But many cats, especielly male, dont know what kittens are and what to do. So they are perhaps not out for kill, but may still be rough to the small. This may be seen often among homecats too. So if you not 100% sure everything going fine, better safe than sorry as both precedessors said...

Wawa, your home male, does accept them now you write. Excellent. does he do something more? I mean, quite many spayed males acts as (extra) mom, or at least as a well wishing uncle. Even some tomcats are known to do this for kittens in the house.
Is Wawa one of those or is he merely accepting them??
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Originally Posted by StefanZ
Is Wawa one of those or is he merely accepting them??
He has "kissed" their butts and their noses. Hangs around everytime they come out to greet me.
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